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Company wants to train me to fulfill certain role, however I am thinking about leaving

Similar questions have been asked before, but I feel my situation is slightly different so I would like to hear someone else's opinion. My employer is looking at adopting a new piece of technology, ...
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(Update) Homeoffice privilege vs kitchen chores at work

Background: We have a break room including a kitchen at my place of employment, where most (about 25 of 30 employees) are scheduled to care for the kitchen on a daily rotating wheel. Some of my co-...
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20 votes
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As a consultant, how to handle being asked to do a knowledge transfer so that the client can hire me and fire the consulting company?

I am currently a consultant at MyConsultancy, working for a client ClientCompany in a small team consisting of people from MyConsultancy. Recently I received a job offer from ClientCompany which I am ...
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Should I tell my employer about being a freelancer outside my regular working hours?

So I've been working at my current employer for almost 4½ years. A while ago I was approached by a manager from my previous employer asking me if I would be willing to assist them with some projects ...
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Would it be ok to use my company presentation template to apply to other jobs?

Throwaway account. I am currently in the process of applying for a new job, and have been called for interviews by several places across Western Europe (specifying the location in case it matters). As ...
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Supervisor invites me to talk about a second pay rise for this year

I am in my late 20's. I studied management, joined consulting as a software developer after graduation and have been working there for two years now. I am in a good situation right now as our company ...
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