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Questions tagged [work-life]

Questions concerning work–life balance such as work related stuff getting into your personal life or vice-versa.

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How do you manage to keep sanity when having high equity [closed]

I am roughly high upper class, more value less loan. Now the thing is that with my equity valuation comes a lot of work. Example I have small Airbnb business on top of that I rent out some office ...
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How do I properly address and handle work burnout?

Short backstory: I've been working for my current company for a few years as a developer and IT Support\Specialist which includes a lot of calls, help-desk duties along the developer part of the job. ...
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Is it ethical to be sleep deprived while working as a software developer (in a non-safety-critical environment)? [closed]

Hypothetically: assume that someone is working as a software developer (on projects outside fields like medicine where software correctness is very important). Is it ethical to be sleep deprived when ...
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Is it okay to have employees working after hours

This is a hypothetical from a team manager perspective. Assume that I have been leading a team of 20 people in a fairly big company. The work-life balance is very much respected by everyone and ...
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How do I go about applying for jobs that I have no professional experience, yet overwhelming personal experience and not make it sound creepy or bad

I've ran across several positions in healthcare/ living assistance that I would not qualify for professionally. Yet, because I've helped my mom (recently deceased), and now more and more my father, I ...
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Email to ask for work

I have recently joined a software company and I have to write an email to my counter part asking him to assign me some work in my project.i have never dealt with him before and I am struggling as to ...
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For managers, would you think less of an employee with a large and busy family? [closed]

I live in the USA, My wife and I have 4 natural-born children (13, 13, 9, 7 years old). We also are foster parents, and recently took in 2 more young children (2yrs and 6mo old baby) while their mom ...
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The value of chitchat [closed]

Overall I believe I have some of the characteristics associated with a good employee. But one area I have always struggled with encompasses a lot of what falls outside one's hard job duties, such as ...
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As someone who medically cannot consume any alcohol, am I expected to not be hired as a bartender?

I'm a 23 year old bartender, and I don't drink alcohol. From 18 to 22 I worked in my father's pub, where I served classic beers, shots, and cocktails. Last year I decided to try my own career. I read ...
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Stuff has gone missing off my desk at work - what are my options?

A few months ago, I had a pair of earbuds I used to listen to music at work. I would also occasionally take them home with me to use, and after a few months they got lost at work. I'm sure I left them ...
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How do I know if my boss is having me do almost all of the work? [closed]

So I work in a small, two-person company (in America, Seattle if that helps anyone). Just myself and my boss. We are both (web - full stack) software developers. We share office space with a couple ...
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How do you figure out if you're on a Death March? [closed]

So I've been working for a company a bit over 2 years. The company has always been small. We lost a guy 6 months ago to a new job, and I expected that we were going to hire a replacement for him, but ...
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