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3 answers

How to deal with a boss who won't give me work?

He'll assign projects to me. Small stuff, simple stuff. I'll get it done and it may not have been the best way to do it but I figured it out and did it the best way I knew how at the time and it doesn'...
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1 answer

Need advise on work overload situation [duplicate]

I am severely overloaded at work and my direct manager does not seem to care. I have to sit in weekly status meeting with stakeholders and (I feel as though) it get portrayed as I am not competent in ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Supervisor slow to give me new responsibilities after my father passed away

A year and a half ago I graduated college with a degree in EE and started working at a big company in my home town. At the time, my father was terminally ill with cancer (which was a large factor in ...
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Workload substantially increased, very unhappy [closed]

I'm currently in a situation where our company (which is fairly small) went out and bought another struggling company. I am a software developer (the only one at my company after another was let go) ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Workload increase after resignation

I have been working for a small software development company (team of 5 developers) for 11 months now, but I decided to hand in my notice 2 weeks ago due to personal reasons. Since then my workload ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Dealing with workload as the most junior person in the team

Background: I am the most junior person in a marketing team that evolved through acquisitions, as a result everyone except for me has manager in their title (though they manage no one, since people ...
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50 votes
4 answers

How do I manage the expectation of detail orientation at work?

I face a fairly common issue of having too many tasks to do at work and too little time in which to do them. As a result, I often deliver on tasks exactly as they were requested and do not go any ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Handling workload changes

I am seeking advice on how to deal with workload changes. In the past year there have been various changes in the office I work in resulting in the office to be understaffed and with no manager. Since ...
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1 vote
2 answers

how to deny additional responsibilities professionally [duplicate]

Though am already fed up with many workloads, I'm forced to take up other responsibilities which may take no where professionally. Am thinking to take this issue to CEO but in a polite way. Request ...
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50 votes
8 answers

How to convince managers to let me work less hours for the same pay

I am working as a software engineer / developer. Mostly I do requirements engineering, implementation of said requirements, some testing and support and the like. I have somewhat responsibility for ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to manage workload?

I work in a multi-national software house and AI company. I am currently lead programmer on 2 of our main software and lead analyst on 3 of our clients. The problem is since I am the youngest guy in ...
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3 votes
3 answers

How to professionally say "I've got too much going on right now to help you with this" and keep a good reputation?

My employer is moving in a new direction for which I seem to have been picked to be the (de facto) consultant for everyone else in the building. I have no official title or position that indicates ...
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2 votes
4 answers

If I don't have enough work in my department, should I ask to help other departments? [duplicate]

About 3 months ago, I left a secure work-from-home job for one with a greater challenge, more money, and a significant commute. Although I don't yet have access to the application I'm supporting, I'...
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0 votes
2 answers

Newbie in android development and huge workload, what should I do? [closed]

I'm a newbie android developer and have very basic knowledge of android development. I've joined this new just 1 week ago, and my boss is asking me to convert a huge website into android application. ...
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2 votes
6 answers

What is a nice way to say I'M BUSY without saying I'M BUSY? (How do I manage workplace distractions?) [duplicate]

I work out of a couple offices, although I would get more work done if I were at home or in a closed office, for a real estate office. I get bombarded with a constant influx of projects that I ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Demanding a bonus/raise before finishing a project [duplicate]

I started out at my company as an intern and moved into an entry level position. As an intern I familiarized myself with their major products. I was asked to take on some tasks using my company's ...
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29 votes
4 answers

Should one ever admit to being overloaded? [closed]

My manager is taking on a lot on my teams' behalf and I suppose I have the classic 'I don't want to admit to being overloaded in the fear of being seen as unwilling to do the work or worse, incapable ...
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How to earn money enough to live a contented life without killing social and family life? [closed]

I live in a third world country where middle class like me spends majority of day working. People seem to have no interest in anything other than work sleep circle. After finishing my proportional ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Added responsibilities and work, but no promotion

I have been working for close to 4 years in my current position, and little by little my responsibilities and workload have increased, and still do. Unfortunately I have been denied promotion three ...
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Dealing with non-negotiable deadlines as the only resource on a software project [duplicate]

The question : How do I deal with unrealistic deadlines on a software project? How do I make sure I don't miss any deadlines when the deadlines themselves are unrealistic? What do I tell my manager ...
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5 answers

How to deal with unrealistic deadlines as an intern in a startup?

I'm working as a software engineer / web developer intern in a start-up. After discussing with colleagues, I just realized that I am given unrealistic deadlines by my intern supervisor who is also the ...
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What is the best term I can use to describe a distributed programming team [closed]

I have worked on several programming teams in which I was Georgia, my boss was in New York, the design team was in California, etc. We all communicated via phone, a job ticket system and Skype. Most ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How to professionally tell my boss that I am struggling with it and would like to be moved to another task

I have been hired by a company who wish to develop me into a software engineer. I have been chugging along nicely and have quite enjoyed it. I have learned PHP and HTML and CSS and I am now fluent and ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to ask management for more staff?

I am software developer and am currently happily leading my team of one... me. The problem is that my responsibilities and quantity of work is starting to balloon and I fear that it will soon become ...
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How to apply measurable goals to manual data processing? [closed]

In my annual performance review, which in general was very positive, I was told I could improve a lot if I gave more measurable goals to one of my teams. In essence, they need to translate ...
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5 votes
4 answers

At what point is it appropriate to approach management about an uneven workload distribution?

I'm a web developer who works primarily building clients' sites and web apps. At least, that's what I was hired for. There are 3 developers at this shop, and 2 "piles" of work, new development and ...
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117 votes
12 answers

How can I "kill" time at work when there is no work for me to do?

I am a chemical engineer, and I have been spending much of the last two months doing nothing (either surfing the web or chatting with other employees) since my project has been very slow. The company ...
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