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An Arbeitszeugnis or Zeugnis for short is a type of recommendation letter or job certificate used in Germany. Employers are legally required to provide one and must ensure that it's content is strictly-speaking positive. Negative letters elevate the concept "damning with faint praise" to an art form.

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Recommendation letter in Germany (Arbeitszeugnis)

I am working in a IT company in Germany. For the future opportunity in the industry, I asked my adviser to write a recommendation letter for me. He said that he needs at least two weeks to prepare ...
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How to formulate an USA-style recommendation letter to be used optimally as a German Work Certificate (Arbeitszeugnis)?

I mainly work in Germany, but recently I had a little project for an US company. They were satisfied with my work and are ready to give me a Letter of Recommendation. I can make suggestions about ...
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How important are recommendation letters / "Arbeitszeugnis"? [duplicate]

As my currents employer financial situation is not very stable, I was looking through my resumes etc. just in case. I noticed that I have have 5 years work experience in 3 companies and an university ...
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Possibly downsides of asking for an interim report

I'm currently job hunting. I'm almost 5 years at my current position, by far longer than any other position I had. So I'd improve my chances by having an interim report. Asking my boss for one would ...
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