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How does Withholding work for a foreign company?

I'm an American citizen who's applied for a remote job for a company based in Dubai. The job agent asked for my desired payrate, but I didn't know how to answer. Normally I would mention a certain ...
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Advice for Job Application to University Position

I am applying to a job at a nearby university as a lab technician. One of my motivations for doing this is that the position comes with tuition reimbursement, meaning if I get accepted to graduate ...
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I have not collected my relieving letter and experience letter form my first company

I worked in my first company for 6 months and left after submitting my registration letter. But I could not collect my relieving letter and experience letter or any other documents from them. It's ...
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Probation period over, and I am planning to quit

Country: India My probation period when joining the office was 6 months. I am working under the same notice for 7th month now. Which I am planning to quit. Does the shortest notice period of one month ...
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I am trying to land on a software engineering job. I have 2 degrees: one in hardware (BS EE) and another in software (BS SE)

I am a self-supporting individual whose education is earned through schooling while working. Back in the 90s I entered the STEM job market with an AAS degree in Digital Electronics. I worked in the ...
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Report writing in Project Management

Whenever I apply for a project manager Role, report writing is among the top skills listed..can someone help me demystify what report writing skills are needed in PM?
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Using one Background Check account for 2 entities

We have 2 entities now under us and seeing if we can use the same background check account that we utilize for both. I just want to make sure we are in compliance.
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How to make a specific resume' for various positions (especially in view of automated processes)

I am asking and answering this question, because it comes up a lot. How do you make a resume' for specific positions? NOTE: This assumes that you have a position description with a list of ...
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