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Got hired for a different role that what the team was told. How to explain this to the team?

During an informal conversation with another team, they suggested I would be good for the role of "XYZ Owner" in their team. I did two interviews with them for that role. Then they offered me a role as a "Senior XYZ". I was at remuneration level 3, Senior XYZ is level 4, and XYZ Owner is level 5.

I questioned this decision, and they said, "Yeah, sorry, the computer doesn't let us offer you the role of XYZ Owner. But Senior XYZ is just right for you, it is still a step up for you."

I ended up taking that role after chatting with my family and trusted friends. However, this has led to a somewhat strange situation because it is an unintentional bait and switch. The team was told I was interviewing for the role of XYZ Owner. Now I have to explain to them that I am a Senior XYZ. There's also some confusion as to what happened to the interview for the role of XYZ Owner.

My question is how to explain this situation to the team?