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How can I change the bad impression I made in the past?

I worked in a company more than 2 years ago which I still want to work, after this time. But when I left I kind have misspoken some things. Now when I tried to come back the HR told me that I from technical point of view I'm ok, I'm over appreciating myself and I'm difficult.

But I am trying to do the best I can with what resources I receive. Also I changed some of the things from last time I was there.

I am trying to make this go away, but the things I did in the past remain, what should I do to change this impression?

How can I change the bad impression I made in the past? How to change the way others see me at the workplace?

Things I did wrong:

I tried to make the things better and may have made somebody angry like my superior.
I usually required lots of information in order to do my job and asked a lot of questions.
I did lot more than was requested of me.
I had an argue with my superior about a thing I thought was good(it proved so after some time).
Many of the things I see and foresee and tell to my colleagues get to become reality and this offends many of them. Sometimes I blame/tell the colleagues which made a mistake in my team even it is not my job to do so.