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Resume Summary For Senior Unix Administrator

This question pertains to presenting oneself when starting a job search, not targeting a particular job.

I have many years (25+) administering traditional UNIX systems (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris) as well as Linux and Open/Free BSD. While UNIX admins know the differences in what these are, sadly most recruiters and even some employers don't.

I consider the title "Senior UNIX Administrator" should be all encompassing because I understand what that means but that seems to fail many job filters. Should I go with a slashy like Senior Unix/Linux/BSD Administrator?

Along the same lines, how do you convey additional roles within the summary to which you are suited, like storage area networking or database administration while keeping it short?

I am editing my question because I can't reply to comments but I believe it is failing filters because of the types of responses I've gotten after modifying it on various job sites like LinkedIn and the conversations I've had with recruiters afterward. I made the mistake of Senior Systems admin and went off track into being called about MS/Win related work and some other crazy stuff. I went with UNIX and was called primarily about non-Linux work. Adding "/ Linux" changed that but it still seems to miss on some jobs. I wonder if I should not do it a better way, in particular when I also qualify for other jobs that I would consider, like those mentioned or in Python/Perl Development which I've also done extensively over the years.

As far as the actual job sought, I've been sticking with UNIX administration because as a rule, it can and often does include the other roles mentioned but only if the recruiter/employer knows what they're looking for and how to find it.