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I think you're taking this way too personally.

I'm imagining a guy with a family to feed, no job and red letters coming in every other day demanding cash he hasn't got. Blagging an interview, even if he has little chance of landing the job, and an elevated chance of getting fired in the first couple of months, is better than sitting on his ass, whining about the economy.

You're trying to buy labour, and he's trying to sell some. Bottom line, trade is adversarial. A tree-surgeon knocked on my door today and told me that my tree is going to bring down the power line, but he could sort it for £100. It's not a power line; it's the old telephone cable. I don't resent him for trying it on. The tree does need doing.

Once someone is a part of your company, with a real stake in it, they owe you honesty, loyalty and commitment. Until then, it's always going to be dog eat dog mate. You only care about your company, and they only care about their careers.