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Kate Gregory
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Not congratulating a colleague because of her BSc thesis

There's an awkward situation that I'm going through today which left me with a question: is it advised to congratulate a colleague that has obtained a BSc in Computer Science even if I think that her thesis is just (sorry for the words) stupid and useless? What should I answer if that same person ask me why I didn't congratulate her?

Further explanation: Today one of our colleagues arrived at work telling everybody that her thesis had been approved. This same "thesis" is a Android Mobile App without any useful feature and (believe it or not) is a shameless copy of another one that has already been published in the Play Store. I've used it and I've seen the code because she asked me for help several times (since I work with Android in my "spare" time). The code and the UI are just horrible. I've tried pointing her to take a look at some best practices and UI books, but unfortunately I was ignored. I don't even know how her supervisor allowed such thesis.

All in all, she got approved with an 7/10 and everybody's complimenting her. My point of view is almost the same of the professor Fletcher, from the Whiplash movie:

There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job.

And that's even worse when the job is actually not good.

I'm worried about this because I work in a company which has many students about to graduate and this situation may eventually happen again, leaving me embarrassed.

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