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Started a new job, getting bored regularly

I have recently started a new job two months ago after a bout of major depression which I took 8 months off work with minimal sick pay in my previous role before resigning.

Rushed into this new job in order to sustain my mortgage and I am finding eight hours of working each day rather tough to handle, but I need to work it for the house.

The reason I find eight hours a day difficult is that I become bored very quickly when I am not challenged. I keep completing work very quickly then end up spending the last 60-80% of the day slacking off which bores me silly.

I keep asking my boss for new work but he is constantly in and out of meetings and near always on the phone, meaning I get a small piece of work to tide me over but not much else.

When I state it is not enough he says he doesn't want to give me something bigger until I have more knowledge of the business. Which I don't see me getting without doing more work...

Although I've only been here two months, I'm considering looking somewhere else, however since the business has already paid the headhunter (which turned out to be £8000), I am reluctant to take action yet, espically since it may be hard to find a new job so quickly.

Any thoughts on what might help?