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Adding gender back into the title. While I don't believe this is a gender-based question, it is not anyone's job but the original posters to clarify what they mean by adding gender to the context.
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A senior male developer reacts badly to questions but I (a female) need his input. How do I handle his hostility so I can do my job?

I’ve only been working at my current employer for 4 months. I’m new to the technology and to the business domain. I basically don’t know much about anything.

I am working on the front end of the web application and I’ve never worked back end systems in my entire life.

I need to ask the senior developer questions about what the server expects and every time I ask this person a question or ask about a possible server-side bug the man rips my head off.

He gets extremely agitated and says stuff like "Your knowledge of this or that..." and shakes his head. I just started so how would I know this information?

I feel burnt out because I can’t get the information I need to do my job without being subjected some kind of hostility. I want to quit.

What should I do?

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