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@Roland pointed something interesting out : If your thing realy is learning as much as possible because you love it then academia may be what you're searching for.

If not then you may want to work for a realy big company at a big post where every of your skills (IT , law , management , etc) will be required and where having all theese degrees and be 30+ won't be a problem. But it's not an easy path and theese jobs often come with low personnal time so if it's not 100% what you're searching for you may not be happy with it.

There's also the possibility you're not interested in working for a big group but still want to get all theese degrees. In that case since you seem to be a great developper already you could try to save time freelance to get the money you want.

But if you're not sure you need theese degrees , are afraid of how having 3 degrees can prevent you from getting a job and don't mind working right after your PhD then maybe you could find an intresting job right after this PhD and fulfill your learning thirst on your free time !