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Colleague refused to mail and insulted me

In my office today morning designer called me through phone and requested one task.

So for record purpose I asked him to email it but he suddenly I will say to manager and cut the phone.

After few minutes manager called and say to me (politely) vijayan, it's good to get all the things in mail but here we are not following religiously.

In a few minutes I got this block quotes in mail it's really hurts me.


Integrate in the news section in web site.

Please check all other functionality and integrate, if you are the developer you have to check the functionality. Don’t ask me to send a mail.

This email really hurts. What should I reply to this email. In future how should I handle this.

Note: In my company for 95% project (if client is forced then only we create Jira) we didn't follow any ticketing system or task scheduling. We just start to do the project. Even we succeeded in this way also.