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The process of two or more parties attempting to find a mutually agreeable arrangement. Generally this refers to salary/job offer negotiation or business transactions.

Can I negotiate or ask if they would be OK with me taking a few days off after I join since I have family coming in from out of town for a family event? Yes you can certainly negotiate to make su …
answered Jun 18 by jcmack
The short answer is yes, mention all parts of your original offer that you want them to compete with: signing bonus, stock options, relocation, etc. You should also consider whether you should reveal your existing salary at all as a negotiation tactic. …
answered Apr 6 '16 by jcmack
You can and should negotiate internship salary. This is very similar to salary negotiations for full-time position. Be prepared to justify why you deserve more money e.g. You're a senior and have take …
answered Apr 14 '16 by jcmack
You can ask for an above average salary if your interviewer gave you the impression you are an above average candidate. You have more negotiation power in this type of circumstance. You are free to … ask for whatever you like given that it's an open negotiation. I advise you to do your homework and ask for a fair number (likely between 10-20%). The company may not give you exactly the salary you want, but you may get a better signing bonus or relocation package if they really want you. …
answered Jul 10 '18 by jcmack
Would it be wise to reiterate that I'm willing to negotiate again in my thank you email to the recruiter? There isn't a great outcome from this. You say you're willing to negotiate, but are you t …
answered Mar 19 by jcmack
I then bluntly asked him about the salary package he would be offering so as to not waste each others time if the package is lower/same as my present job. But he replied "tree fiddy". That's it. …
answered Feb 22 by jcmack
Usually it's a good sign if the company makes you an offer the same day you interview. The company really want you to work for them one way or another. I usually use this opportunity to negotiate the …
answered Oct 11 '18 by jcmack
"I wish I spent more time working." said by no one on their death bed ever. First, I'm sorry your wife is in this position. Being a responsible type myself, it's easy to want to carry all of the …
answered Aug 29 '18 by jcmack
First off, I would like to address not wanting to seem like a person that just wants more money. If you just want more money just because then yes you should feel like a bad person, but what you descr …
answered Aug 29 '18 by jcmack