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Is it unprofessional to mention your cover letter and resume are best viewed in Chrome?

Is there a professional way to mention in my cover letter that my cover letter and resume are best viewed in Chrome? I would strongly suggest you save your cover letter in PDF format and share that ...
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Badly designed reimbursement form. What does that say about the company?

Assuming the company does not work in the business of providing forms or HR outsourcing services, this should not be a big deal. I would not bring it up in the interview, other than maybe asking if ...
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Is hiding my friendlist on Facebook a bad sign for HR?

I have kept my Facebook profile private at all times. There's nothing unprofessional about it. Facebook to me is my social life, outside of work. It is also the reason I don't accept Facebook requests ...
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If I tried and failed to start my own business, how do I apply for a job without job experience?

The problem is: My application is shit At your next visit to the Agentur für Arbeit, ask them for a Bewerbungstraining (application training). When your counselor believes that it might help you to ...
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Is it a bad idea to hand deliver my CV to a company on spec?

Don't do this! This is a terrible idea - It's not the 1950s any more.. unless you're looking for retail or service industry roles unscheduled walk-ins are rude, disruptive and incredibly annoying. At ...
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Previous company name is ISIS, how to list on CV?

My current practice is, it is "E-Invoice Technologies" on my CV, and "ISIS Technologies" on my LinkedIN account. Correct your CV immediately. Your resume should be factual and it's what background ...
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How to answer "Are you interviewing anywhere else?" during an interview

Just say yes You can point out that you expect them to be interviewing other candidates as well. You can also say that you find it unwise to stop looking elsewhere until you reach an agreement with ...
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How should I respond to a potential employer thanking me for my application and telling me they'll be in contact?

Don't send any reply. They told you they received your application and will contact you when they're ready. There's nothing for you to say, and any email you send with a non-message will just clutter ...
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How to disclose negative information about a candidate when I'd rather not reveal its source?

You should disclose that you know the applicant and have reservations as to hiring him: "In a crazy turn of events, I actually met this candidate at a bar last night. My interaction with him leads ...
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Is it likely that my lack of post-secondary education is holding my resume back?

Your lack of education may or may not be hurting you. It would depend on the company to which you are applying. Some care a great deal about your formal education, others don't mind so much if you can ...
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What does it say about a company when they require a degree for a junior programmer's position?

As I understood, a lot of programmers are self-taught and do not have a degree. And likely don't work in jobs that have a hard requirement for a degree in CS. Why would not having a degree ...
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Is finishing my CS degree critical to being employable as a web developer if I already have good experience and an internship?

Two points: A degree is more than technical skills. Web Development "high-demand skills" go obsolete every 5 years. I've been around before Google existed. Hard to imagine, but the ...
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How to cancel job interview without burning any bridges?

Don't think of it as skipping the interview - you're politely declining one particular opportunity. Dear HR, I am writing to let you know that I will not be continuing further with my ...
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Should I tell applicants they have not been selected for a position, if the application process was long ago?

At this point far too much time has passed. If you've ignored a candidate for nine months, there's no question in their minds that you've rejected them. Half of them have probably even forgotten who ...
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Company wants to know name of friend who referred me to unposted job

First of all, you shouldn't have mentioned your friend. Now you should: Ask your friend if they are OK with you giving their name. If they disagree, just tell the company that you cannot disclose the ...
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How do you professionally ask about going back to your old job?

Just ask your old boss. You don't need to provide a whole lot of reasons, or come back "begging" or anything like that. Keep the inquiry professional and simple, and see what they say. Right off the ...
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How to answer "Are you interviewing anywhere else?" during an interview

Are there any general DOs and DONTs for this kind of question? DO say "yes", because it's the truth, because it conveys the impression that you in demand, and because it creates a sense of urgency ...
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Is it a bad idea to hand deliver my CV to a company on spec?

Taken from Joel Spolsky, co-founder of and CEO at Stack Overflow; who wrote on his blog: Study the directions that are given for how to apply. They are there for a reason. For example our website ...
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I have accepted an internship offer. Should I inform companies I have applied to that have not gotten back to me yet?

Should I email them now saying I accepted another offer? Since they are companies I have interest in, I might want to work with them in the future and want to find the best way to keep doors ...
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Does referring a poor candidate look bad on me?

Here the advice my manager gave me once about referring people to your own company. Don't refer anyone that you wouldn't want working along side of you on your team. This is really sound advice....
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Is it 'easier' to get a job when you already have one?

Because the research backs it up: Unemployed people got just 16% of job offers, despite making 40% of the applications, and those offers came with lower pay and fewer hours and benefits than those ...
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Application form asking for number of sick days

This is an absolute no-go. See page 129 of the Equality Act 2010 Code of Practice: Pre-employment enquiries about disability ...
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Double applied with a recruiter, recruiter said I was rejected but company contacted me for interview. What should I do?

If you applied on your own before the recruiter submitted, you are just fine. You don't need to inform the recruiter. What the recruiter is really saying, is that the company will not be considering ...
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Going back to a potential employer after turning his offer down 45 days ago

Go for it. Be open and clear about the change in circumstances. Explain why you said no the first time and why you are suddenly available. Go directly to the hiring manager (if you can) to minimize ...
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How do I mention the quality of my school without bragging

How do I mention that I obtained my degree from a top school in my field without it sounding braggy? You use your cover letter. In it, you should brag. Something along the lines of "I graduated ...
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How to correctly say, "I know this job is a step down but I'm desperate for a job in the current market so I still want it"?

Perhaps you could take a slightly different approach and focus on why you want to work at the company itself. If I had a candidate tell me they would be just fine taking this "lower" ...
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Is hiding my friendlist on Facebook a bad sign for HR?

A friend of mine told me that hiding stuff from Facebook may imply that I have something to hide, which is not a positive sign for the human resource department. With all due respect, your friend has ...
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Badly designed reimbursement form. What does that say about the company?

If the worst thing about the company is the reimbursement form, join up immediately. Honestly, this may have just been thrown together at the spur of the moment to get you in there. Mention it at ...
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