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I agree with the other answers. But, I think burnout is also an avoidable problem. Usually you don't realize when you are in the process of burning out, then when you realize it, it's too late. To avoid this software teams can use signals to figure if they are closer to burnout or not.


This is the sort of thing where I'd strongly recommend trying to talk to the hiring manager, as your skills are going to be different from their typical applicant: you've quite possibly got less actual VHDL experience than a typical graduate, but on the other hand you've got PCB design experience, but perhaps more importantly you've got real-world commercial ...


Is it acceptable to apply to graduate positions as an experienced professional in a related field? Sure you can apply for any position in any industry. You're less likely to get the job if you're not qualified or have some other non standard issue. But nothings stops you applying. Just keep trying if you want to get into that field. Perhaps do some specific ...


Assuming you want to change industries as your question implies, you're not doomed. But you cannot start at the same level without personal connections of some kind who believe in you. My advice is to discreetly ask around your network, you should have quite a varied and large professional network considering your role. See what exactly is available and ...


You have tried one, so if I were you I'd try the other just to get a better gauge of which skills I would prefer to focus on long term. At this point you're just feeling your way into a career path, so the more diverse experience the better.

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