You risk being on the list of people who do nothing of value for the company. This list is identical to the list of the first ones to go in case of trouble. Moreover it could also be that you manager will try to fire you anyway.


Ask your team lead or manager who you should talk to. If you're new to the office, odds are that they're going to expect you to have questions. Ask your boss who you should ask them to; they'd be able to inform you who you should direct those work-related questions to; this might be them, but is likely going to be one of your more experienced coworkers. ...


Supposing we have passed the trial period at work, and we've got hired. And after that, so, we are in front of the screen of our computer, we does nothing, we twiddle one's thumbs, we click randomly in the screen parts... What does we risk ? It depends on local laws, company customs, unions, etc. If you worked anywhere I have ever worked, you would ...

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