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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

it's still wrong Why? Because some handbook written by an HR busybody says so? That's a deliberately inflammatory statement and I don't necessarily completely agree with it, but at its core is a ...
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Engineer refusing to file/disclose patents

I find it interesting that your company has devalued patents significantly, and then seemed surprised when some of your engineers have decided it's not worth their time. You talk about trust, but it'...
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Is it acceptable to ask a waiter to pay if a customer leaves without paying?

Here is Virginia law: Legally, you can never be paid less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour. If you work for an hour, you must make at ...
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Engineer refusing to file/disclose patents

30 patents in two years is roughly $75k a year that's been changed to $15k. So he's been given a $60k a year in pay reduction. So, yeah, he's probably going to quit and go work for someone else. ...
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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

If you have one developer and twenty(!) managers on this project, your developer is more than likely unable to get any actual work done while in-office. He's been putting in hours at work and then ...
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A friend/coworker and his wife are employed at the same company. He found out she's cheating. What to do?

You must separate private and professional life, and so must Josh. BTW, not that I am defending Jessica, but in splits there may be unknown quantities, things that no-one but J & J know about. ...
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What to do when previously approved time off is being revoked at the last second because my coworker requested the same days off after I did?

I was in a similar position once (except in this case the coworker who was supposed to cover me was in an accident a week before my vacation was supposed to start). My boss asked me if I could ...
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How can I deal with my coworkers using unknown jargon and acronyms?

While "usecase" is a general term, it's normal to take more than one month to learn company specific and industry specific jargon and acronyms. Equally, after just one month, your coworkers should ...
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How can I get employees to respect the leave policy?

There already is a policy in place that says staff should inform at least 24 hours in advance - which no one seems to care about, clearly. Because it is completely out of touch with reality. You ...
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I mistakenly took someone else's lunch; how should I proceed?

I really want to come forward and say something among the lines of "I'm really sorry, I meant no ill intention, it was all a mistake and I can even offer to pay back the caterer's fee if you want."...
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221 votes

Does my company own my phone number?

Does my company own my phone number? No, they don't. Nor do you need a lawyer and nor should this cost you a penny (assuming that you were a W2 employee). If they withhold your final pay, you just ...
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220 votes

Team member regularly ignores "back to office" policy

As COVID-19 status was getting better, the company announced a "Two days in the office" policy. Let's get something straight, COVID did not get better. Countries relaxed their mandatory ...
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217 votes

Ethics of renting out an assigned workplace parking spot

Unethical, unwise, and potentially a severe career limiting move. Assigned spots are not just for convenience, they are for security. The company, and perhaps the building as well, will want to know ...
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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

This is obviously against policy, and although what he is doing doesn't require to do any interaction with anyone in the office it's still wrong Change the policy slightly I think you should ...
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Member of the board asks for admin access and wants non-compliant device on the network

What can I do? First, refer this person back to your security policy and procedures documentation. These topics should be covered clearly, and you can fall back on the documentation to support your ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a waiter to pay if a customer leaves without paying?

It's the company's money, not yours. Some "customer" stole from the company, not from you. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you should pay for the company when someone stole from them. ...
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Company policy violation due to browser history syncing

I think the thing to do is to explain to them what you think happened, explain that you've disconnected from the browser history syncing done by chrome, so that they won't see this any more. Explain ...
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How to ask boss for written authorization to violate a strict company policy?

Your boss is not going to give you a written authorization, so you will have to make a paper trail yourself. Assuming you are using email for communication, send an email like this: Dear Boss, As ...
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Motivate coworkers to use strong passwords

One place I worked had a very simple method in place. They would periodically test the end users at random through password hacking and phishing emails. Anyone who failed had to take the online ...
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Company changed everyone's titles to weird obscure names

Put both on your resume so that the reader will have a good idea on what you’re doing AND that your company has an alternative title system. The reader can just then read the description to determine ...
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Installing organization's app on your phone with "always on location" and tracking permissions

Ask for a company phone to use for testing purposes. If you're going to be testing an in-development app on a phone, it probably shouldn't be your own personal device. After all, if a bug bricks your ...
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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

Sometimes he doesn't come for 2 entire weeks. he is doing more than a great job, I suggest you not notice his absence. You have better things to do than babysit top-performing devs, don't you?
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Team member regularly ignores "back to office" policy

I'm not going to question the decision to make them come into the office. I'm going to assume the company was entitled to make that decision, and that you simply have to deal with the fallout. I don't ...
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148 votes

Manager is upset because I asked HR to clarify a company policy after he had explained it to me

It's disappointing that HR felt the need to copy your manager and that your manager is so seemingly insecure that they perceive this as a slight against them. Nevertheless, you are learning about your ...
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146 votes

Would it be inappropriate to leave anonymous letters of encouragement around my workplace?

This seems to address a need you have - and not the recipient. What you consider 'encouragement that can bring a smile to someones face', others could view as patronizing platitudes they find ...
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How to help a co-worker who wouldn't be able to get promotion due to lack of English skills?

From your comments: Actually management has make promotion exam in english to enhance Englsh understanding better which helps to understand technical orders mainly in English This sounds to me as ...
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How to handle a "non-compete clause" on the employment contract?

He got the agreement letter and when he was reading it he has founded that unfair term. It is "You can't join any competitive company of us within 5 years when you resign from our company". It ...
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142 votes

Is it unprofessional to ask to use company laptop for personal uses?

Is it rude to ask my boss if I can take the laptop with me to the vacation? I am not sure about rude (this is opinion based), but to request permission to use company equipment for strictly ...
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Simple rules for a successful partly remote policy with about 50% office time

If you are insistent that a large proportion of meetings still need to happen in the office, then you can't have any kind of flexible remote working policy. The two just don't work together, because ...
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How to deal with boss asking employees to wear specific clothes when it is uncomfortable?

I'm not skinny, and I still dislike a lot short-sleeves tee-shirts, and I can easily understand what you feel. I don't like people staring at my arms, and some tattoo from shoulder to elbow. I love ...
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