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Are you worried they'll see it and assume you're doing the analysis for yourself in order to find a new job? If so, I'd say you're overthinking it. After all, if you were doing it for yourself, making it public would be put you at a disadvantage since it would be giving other job seekers in your network access to the same data. It can be difficult to predict ...


Discuss it with your boss first so that he doesn't take it as a signal that you're planning on leaving. So, on your free time, you're looking at a bunch of job openings? Most people who do so are looking for work, and if you post a data analysis that publicly admits that you've been doing so, concluding that you've been looking for a new job is a logical ...


This is really no different than being a contributor for open-source software. If the scope of your paid work doesn't involve any type of remote job data analysis as you did on your free time, then there is no conflict of interest. You're not divulging any of your employer's vendors, employees, internal business practices, or trade secrets. I would state ...


I assume there must be a site where data science people congregate and peer review each other's work? Publish it there. Either that or publish it on Medium, GitHub, Youtube, a blog, or Twitter (assuming your boss doesn't follow you on those). Obviously, you're not doing anything wrong, and I wouldn't stress over it if he finds out, but I don't think it's ...


This should be fine UNLESS it's a potential conflict of interest. That would be the case if the study is somehow related to the business or the people at your current employer. If in doubt, you can always ask.


This is an extremely well-known scam, it's just part of the SEO mill. FWIW you can trivially google about it - it's just a well-known scam. Forget about it and ignore it like you'd ignore any spam email.


This sounds like a great way for them to get content to publish and monetize without actually paying for said content. I would never perform work without being paid for it. I would never entertain such an idea or engage in such a relationship. Are these red flags? Too me they are very much red flags.

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