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No way does your company have any right to your phone number. Let's say you'd been giving your colleague a ride to work every day for the past 2 years, and when you told that colleague you were quitting they insisted that you give them your car. "Because it's how I get to work, and everyone will expect me to show up to work everyday in this car." ...


I can't believe that anyone would agree to this. "We want you to make public your private phone number, so people can potentially call you 24/7." I believe the second word I said would've been "you" or "off".


I suggest offering a compromise. Let them give you one phone number, and this time it should be one of their own numbers. Include in your voicemail greeting "If this call is for my former employer [COMPANY] please call [NUMBER]." Use ringtone and similar features to make calls from your former clients silently go to voicemail, and have your phone ...


Obviously, your company should have provided you with – and, paid for – a separate phone. And today, "believe it or not," they actually can "manage to exclude you." Don't let any remaining minion within the organization tell you otherwise. "This is their headache, not yours."


No. By that logic, any personal property that you used for work purposes would become their property. If you regularly wore a particular shirt to client meetings, would they claim that the shirt was theirs because clients were expecting to see their employees wearing it? What about the car you drove to work every day? I've occasionally sent work-related ...


Your number is now your asset. Auction it for a reserve price more than the hassle of keeping it. That's business.


Technically speaking, phone numbers belong to the phone company. Your service contract with the telephone company gives you limited rights to use the number, but you do not own it (the phone company can reassign that number whenever they want). You signed the contract with the phone company, so the rights to use the number are yours alone. Your company ...


Your company does not own your phone number. If you used your personal phone number for business reasons, then your company does not have a right to take that number away from you. However, while I very much sympathize with you wanting to keep your phone number, please keep in mind that this phone number is somewhat tainted now. You've been using it in email ...


Does my company own my phone number? No, they don't. Nor do you need a lawyer and nor should this cost you a penny (assuming that you were a W2 employee). If they withhold your final pay, you just need to contact the Labor Department or the Labor Commissioner for your state and complain of wage theft. I would provide a link, but I don't know which state you'...

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