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My previous employer has asked me to fix a bug in code that I wrote for them

Fixing the bug is not your responsibility. should I provide the assistance for free since it is my morale responsibility No. It is not your moral or legal responsibility to provide free help. You ...
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Boss making me feel guilty for leaving the company at the end of my internship

In the end you need to do what's right for you. Just explain that you are going to go on and further your education and so this is what you're doing. As for the timing--put it back on them. ...
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My boss is taking a leave of absence and leaving the company to us

Whether or not the company shuts down is not your problem. It's not your company. Focus purely on what is best for you. If you're not getting basic rights and pay, then you should have been job ...
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Can a German employer force mandatory overtime and forbid salary discussion?

Both statements have been in courts and both have been ruled illegal and unenforceable. Overtime can be included in the "basic salary", but only if you are in management or similar positions where ...
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What benefits are there in signing a non-compete after resigning, with no formal contract of employment?

No. You gain nothing by signing and potentially limit your employment options by agreeing to the non-compete. By rights, if they were acting legitimately they would have had you sign one as part of ...
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Company is making my position redundant due to cost cutting but asking me to send email for resignation

A decent company would either give you notice and pay everything they are legally required to pay, or they will write a contract that says you resign and that specifies exactly what they will do for ...
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Employer reneged on negotiated clauses that weren't part of agreed contract, citing budget cuts - what can I do?

Short Answer Your employer can not be trusted and you've lost most of your leverage now that you've already moved abroad and settled in. The only way to rectify this situation is to find yourself a ...
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How can I handle my company docking my pay due to poor quality of previous consultant's work for customer?

Given that you have a contract with your employer, deducting your pay in a unilaterally decision is obviously illegal. Your employment contract basically states that you do a certain work and in ...
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How can I safely terminate my contract before its end date?

Anything serious enough to get you immediately fired is serious enough to jeopardize your future career. Don't do it. Hand in your notice and either negotiate with your employer to leave before 4 ...
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How can you say you don't trust your current employer's counteroffer?

There's really no need for you to go into much detail about your decision. They made you a counteroffer, and no guarantee for the promotion you're looking for is a part of the offer, and you're ...
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Manager is threatening to grade me poorly if I don't complete the project

Talk to your academic adviser. That is a person in your home department who is responsible for helping students progress. Come prepared with: initial scope of work timeline / schedule / something ...
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How to ask for employment terms in writing without coming across as not trusting?

A written contract for an employee is just normal. You don’t have to be afraid about asking. Don’t even make an issue from it. Don’t ask IF there will be a contract as that might really trigger some &...
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Not paid for work, contract promised but not given

She does actually have a contract, even if not even a verbal contract was discussed. She has a contract because she turned up for work, and they let her work instead of sending her home. It’s small ...
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Should I hand in my notice at my current employer without a contract from my new employer? (UK)

If I don't hand in my notice now this will mess up the agreed upon start date. Is it really such a bad idea to hand in notice without a contract or should I wait? Yes it is a bad idea to hand in ...
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Asked to sign an NDA after a one-month internship

Here's another take: NDAs can't really work after-the-fact. You need to know beforehand which information you're not allowed to disclose. In the last 1+ months, you may have already revealed ...
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How to handle a "non-compete clause" on the employment contract?

He got the agreement letter and when he was reading it he has founded that unfair term. It is "You can't join any competitive company of us within 5 years when you resign from our company". It ...
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I've been offered a job, but my new employer won't give me a contract until after I give my notice

Red flag. In fact, multiple red flags. Don't give notice without the signed contract in hand. You only have this mans word that you have a position to go to. Red flag. In this day and age, that is ...
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Renegotiating a start date on request of current employer (after contract signed)?

Do not renegotiate your leave. You've given your notice. That's enough. However, my current employer was quite shocked by the announcement, and have informed me that they will be in a very difficult ...
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Is it professional to declare in a contract that I refuse to work with certain widely used technologies?

TLDR: Yes, it is unprofessional. If I were to read such a thing in a contract, I'd simply think I was dealing with someone who would be too difficult to bother with, and move on to the next person. ...
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Is it wrong not to renew a contract without notice? My company inserted bunch of new clauses at the last minute

My previous contract said nothing about providing notice of renewal or non-renewal of contract, so legally I would be fine if I refused to renew the contract. But ethically and professionally, ...
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Having failed to meet the timeline, my collaborator asks for my help and covers his mistakes

You don’t do unpaid work. If Bob legitimately needs your help he’ll have to escalate it through his boss who will talk to A and maybe give you extra hours. Beyond that, none of this is your problem. ...
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How can you say you don't trust your current employer's counteroffer?

How to say you don't trust your current employers counteroffer? Quietly, in your mind, without vocalising or writing it down. Just carry on with your plan, you're not obligated to accept a counter ...
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Employer asks for "guarantor" to compensate damages due to consultant's "breach of the employment contract"

Short answer: Unless you have a lawyer give you a very clear indication as to the limitations of this clause and how much risk is associated with it to you and your guarantor, run away as fast as you ...
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Manager making me work extra post-notice (UK—Scotland)

I am tempted to email him saying “Circumstances have changed and I can’t work after Wednesday.” Do not resist your temptation on this one!
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My employer is refusing to give me the pay that was advertised after an internal job move

You are saying that you have nothing written down and agreed before moving job and all of this was done verbally. Speak to your manager again explaining that the offer you have received is not what ...
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How can I handle my company docking my pay due to poor quality of previous consultant's work for customer?

They'll be taking that money from my salary. Hah. That's not how these things work. Italy's employment laws are pretty complex but there is such a thing as a "fair wage law". Employees have the ...
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How do unlimited vacation days work?

This will depend on the specific company culture. Some companies will absolutely use "unlimited vacation" as a vehicle to get people to take less vacation, while others will use it in the spirit of ...
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