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Is it okay to slightly modify a forwarded email?

Can I modify it instead of rewriting it? Absolutely not. Is it frowned upon? Absolutely. When you're forwarding an email, it's implied that you're leaving the original email chain untouched or ...
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Response to a bugfix suggestion said to just report bugs (not suggest solutions). Is this typical?

No, this is not usual. You have run across a fairly common beast, however, the Elitist Super Entitled Developer. He's smarter than everyone else in his own mind and is entitled to be rude for the ...
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Angry email from customer insisting he didn't get a refund

First thing to do is double check and make certain that you issued the refund on your end. You say that his account says he has been refunded, but also go and find the actual bank transaction to be ...
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Does a one-line email response from a job seeker show a lack of interest?

My problem with his response is that I am offering him a job interview and he replies with 5 words. I don't think this is a big problem. Yes, a salutation would be better, yes, thanking you would ...
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I'm being blamed for not responding to an email from a client that was directly addressed to coworker

Ask your boss: "How do you want me to respond to e-mails when I am only CC'd?". I do not think you did anything wrong, but you can reach a more effective solution to the real problem by putting all ...
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What can I do to avoid potential charges for bribery?

At my job, we are told to immediately report potential corruption/bribery to our line manager/a specific person depending on the scenario. If you get ahead of this and own up to it with your boss, ...
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How should I tell my colleagues that my last name comes first?

Just one more suggestion I don’t see mentioned. Sign your email with the name you’d like people to call you and put your full name below. Best wishes, Mr. Hong ———- Hong Gildong Director of Cultural ...
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How should I respond to a colleague who refuses to email me task requests?

If the designer doesn't want to e-mail you, you can take down notes when you're on the phone and then send him an e-mail with what you discussed. Hello Designer, As per our discussion I will ...
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In a company crossing multiple timezones, is it rude to send a co-worker a work email in the middle of the night?

You might want to assure your co-worker that an immediate response is not expected to emails. Email facilitates "asynchronous" communication, letting people read and respond to them at their ...
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How to politely tell someone they did not hit "reply to all" in an email?

Hi Bob - just so you're aware, seems like you haven't hit reply all there. No need to dress it up any more than that.
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Is it professional to write unrelated content in an almost-empty email?

Just leave the email with the attachment and state This timesheet refers to X. Please see attached. Regards, Bracco Just leave the quote out of it and keep the email basic. Your emails are for the ...
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Take me off the endless email threads

So set up a folder for each project like that one and a mail rule to direct the emails there. Then once a day, or every other day, a quick gander will keep you up to date. Leaving the inbox for more ...
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Is it legal for company to use my work email to pretend I still work there?

Regarding the first question, "is it legal?" questions should always be posted on Law SE, not here. As for your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn has the ability to change your email address associated with ...
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One of my subordinates' child passed away, how can I inform my team?

First send out the email about the loss separate from anything about rearranging duties. It should include any information you have about the funeral or visitation or even if there is a charity they ...
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Should I use my personal e-mail address, or my workplace one, when registering to external websites for work purposes?

You're not accessing the sites for personal reasons, you're accessing the sites to perform a work activity - ergo, use your work email address. Furthermore, some companies require verification of an ...
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How should I respond to a potential employer thanking me for my application and telling me they'll be in contact?

Don't send any reply. They told you they received your application and will contact you when they're ready. There's nothing for you to say, and any email you send with a non-message will just clutter ...
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Co-Worker Overreacts to Request for Clarification

From what I understand, here are my answers to your questions: Did I say anything wrong? In my opinion, yes: In asking for clarification on whether or not there was a program to do what the ...
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How to react to an unusually informal first contact from a recruiter

What is bothering me is the use of "tu" instead of "vous" : I don't really know how to react to this. Why being so informal ? Am I over thinking this or does it scratch you too ? You are ...
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Colleagues routinely only answer the first of my questions?

I'll usually enumerate my questions if I have more than one, like Can you tell me more about XX? I saw YY and infer ZZ. Is that correct? Am I also right that Peter should take care of task A? This ...
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How to get domain experts to answer questions correctly, completely & concisely

You don't ask open ended questions. You ask concise, directed questions for specific relevant information pertaining to a task or project they care about or have some stake in. People are not there to ...
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HR at my new job just sent me an email saying that I am a volunteer. I've been working here two months under the impression that it's paid work

Like Kozaky said, check your contract. Any paid position would have involved signing an official job offer that would have specified your salary. Find that document and read it again to make sure ...
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How to handle it when someone drags in upper management to get you to solve a problem that they were the source of

Let your manager handle this. Now that it has gone up the chain your manager will want to handle the narrative. If your manager tells you to reply and cc all then fine - but let that call come from ...
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How should I respond to a (positive) email about my career path that I don't think was supposed to come to me?

Here's an alternative to Philip Kendall's excellent suggestion: Do nothing. Don't tell anyone (at work or at home). Wait and see if you are in fact promoted. Normally notifying the sender about ...
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What's the politest way of writing when you have not received a reply?

While I also think your mails are reasonable, I'd like to provide a different perspective: You are telling them that they failed to reply. While true that might be considered rude, no one likes ...
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Should I bother to reply to emails from recruiters when I'm already employed?

Typically, you can ignore recruiters who: email you about a job that is far out of your area/experience seem like they haven't done their homework on you appear to be spamming anyone who matches ...
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Is it strange to ask someone to ask someone else to do something, while CC'd?

It looks to me like it's just a matter of style. I don't think it's rude but I do think it's a little peculiar, though I wouldn't go so far as to call it strange. Alice is simply making a trail and ...
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How to respond to people who overuse punctuation marks?

I consider this to be the written equivalent of screaming to somebody. I find it rude, unprofessional and uncalled for. How do I point this out (politely)?????!!!?? Unless your role in the ...
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Does a one-line email response from a job seeker show a lack of interest?

This looks to me like Smart Reply usage, a feature available on GMail clients for both Android and iOS. You can see a sample below from my own inbox: The options may also change contextually, so a '...
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How to convince company to not go overboard with email signature?

These remind me of forum signatures from back in the day... Anyways, in your example, it shows "CTO" as the sender - as a new hire you are going to have minimal influence directly, unless you are a C ...
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Email may have sent twice - is there an etiquette convention for this?

No, leave it as-is. In situations like this do a quick analysis of the benefit of doing/not-doing the activity. Benefit: Clarity on the emails sent, sensitive to client Downside: More emails in ...
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