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Remind or be patient?

The "bureaucracy" excuse is a bit worrisome. Sadly it's true for many public institutions and you need to figure out what is acceptable to you. Instead of a "reminder", ask for a ...
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Remind or be patient?

At this point patience - you don't need to "remind" them because it's highly doubtful that they've forgotten! It has been a a couple of days (which wouldn't be a long time in normal ...
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The employer gives a job, but asks for a “plan” of work with a horizon until the end of summer

When you don't know what to do, you should plan an organized path toward correcting that. Learn about their problem domain and their goals in that space. Learn about what tooling they are using today, ...
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How do you manage to keep sanity when having high equity

There is a misconception that rich people sit on their luxury yachts and sip Champagne all day. You are discovering this is not the case. Assets must be managed and most "passive" income ...
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