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I graduated in December, a fresh CS graduate looking for a development position. I had a lot of on-the-side type skills like this that were meaningful to me and to my development, but weren't necessarily a university or an accredited course. Consider adding an 'Independent Experience' section to your résumé. For me I included semi-related skills that were ...


If it's not an accredited program with recognised certification it has limited value. Possibly if it had some positive result you could show in some way it might be more useful. Otherwise it's basically just something you did to pass the time.


If it were me, I wouldn't put any of it on my resume unless I earned some type of degree or certification. How does this make you a more valuable employee or job candidate? Have you learned demonstrable real world skills from these training and mentoring programs that you can put to use for the immediate benefit of your current or future employer? Is the ...


Put the name of the organization that trained you under education, and what you studied, like this (apologies for formatting) **The NARF group............................................-2020 .....Advanced widget formation

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