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Is it unethical to use healthcare paid by your company to cure a life-long health problem?

You're paying for it - why not use it? If they explicitly wanted to prevent you using it for such conditions then they would have a policy that excluded them.
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Co-worker works way more than he should

Maybe he simply doesn't know what else to do with his time because of a lack of social contacts. Why don't you invite him over for BBQ on one of those weekends? (If you feel like investing your ...
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Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job?

Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer i’ve automated my job? A good podcast I listen to (Everyday Ethics) says this about ethics: "The difference between what you have a right to do and what'...
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Is it ethical to use knowledge in main job for side gig?

There is no ethical dilemna here. The simple fact that experience allows you do something more efficiently has nothing to do with ethics.
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Laptop turned in to IT support has a document with staff member's name. Is it ethical for the staff member to read it?

As an IT support person, you are only authorized to do what is needed to resolve the users' IT issues. In this case, the user wants his disk replaced without losing his data. Hence, you only need to ...
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Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job?

Here is specifically how to get from where you are now, to, a better place. Here's the specific language you need: Hey guys, some good news. While entering the data over the last 18 months - and this ...
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Did I overreact to my boss asking me to get him coffee?

I agree with your concern. It is far too easy for a woman to be treated as a personal assistant, regardless of her actual job. However, I think your comment about not being the manager's secretary ...
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Is it unethical to use healthcare paid by your company to cure a life-long health problem?

Healthcare plans are not limited to work related problems. They are a benefit, like flexible working hours or no dress code. If the plan covers it, there is no reason to not use it.
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Is it unethical to quit a job soon after receiving my annual bonus?

... hand in my notice after receiving the bonus. However, this feels very unethical because it amounts to grabbing the bonus and running away, so to speak. Nothing unethical here. You get the bonus ...
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Co-worker team leader wants to inject his friend's awful software into our development. What should I say to our common boss?

But something I need to do. But what? Provide your feedback in a "constructive way", and be done about it. Not your place to make decisions. Mention something along the lines of "It ...
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Boss making me feel guilty for leaving the company at the end of my internship

In the end you need to do what's right for you. Just explain that you are going to go on and further your education and so this is what you're doing. As for the timing--put it back on them. ...
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How to be diplomatic in refusing to write code that breaches the privacy of our users

This of course could place the company under serious fire for invading users' privacy when we get found out. In fact, as far as my country's laws go, it not only illegal, it is unconstitutional. ...
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Coworker submitted my code as his own

You should send an email to him saying something along the lines of: I see that you pushed the code from my branch to the master branch. Please keep in mind that revision history is important in ...
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Should I clock in if computer started updating?

You should just ask your manager what you should do, as how to specifically bill your time will depend on your company policy. Of course, you should get paid for this time. You're at work, updating a ...
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Should I count the hours that I wait for my code to run?

The company would be well aware of this issue and I would imagine unless they say something you shouldn't either. It is clearly not a management issue so don't make it one. On a side note, a few ...
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Interviewer privately warned me against taking the job

Ooooh. That was Alison Green's first reaction to a very similar question she covered on AskAManager and I happen to share it. The situation is so similar that I'll reproduce part of her post here to ...
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How to react to hostile behavior from a senior developer?

The incident you described is unethical, unprofessional, abusive and borderline harassment. Irrespective of the facts about the efficiency, technical capability, time management etc or that person's "...
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How can we minimize potential problems caused by employee's personal beliefs?

A business does not endorse the political opinions of its employees, most businesses will employ people with a wide range of views and experiences, so I don't really see what the problem is. It also ...
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How to avoid previous employer who is nagging me to do their job?

I tried ghosting them, told them I signed several contracts that forbid me from assisting any other business, but in vain. They are reluctantly sending me lists of tasks as if I'm still on their ...
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Client wants me to do something explicitly illegal

First of all, thank you, personally (1), for stepping up and making the right decision. We need more engineers human beings like you. I am completely on board with your assessment and current decision ...
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How to deal with a candidate that cheated at the initial test?

You're making assumptions here, we have no guarantee that the candidate did cheat, just a very large suspicion that they did. Rather than confronting them, since you already have an interview with ...
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How should I respond when I lied about my education and the company finds out through background check?

In some locations, it is a crime to provide certain types of false information to a potential employer. If this is the case where you are, or you are not sure, you should consider Eric Lippert's ...
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I looked up a future colleague on LinkedIn before I started a job. I told him about it and he seemed surprised. Should I apologize?

No. Don't apologize. Had it happen to me, and I've done it myself. If a person doesn't want their profile accessed, they shouldn't make it publicly available. There is nothing wrong with that.
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Is it ethical to attend a company-organised event after my last day?

The ethical thing to do is ask your company if it's OK to use the code to attend even though you will have finished up there by that time. And then abide by their answer on the matter.
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Ethics of renting out an assigned workplace parking spot

Unethical, unwise, and potentially a severe career limiting move. Assigned spots are not just for convenience, they are for security. The company, and perhaps the building as well, will want to know ...
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Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job?

Don't insert bugs or pretend you're working when you're not. That part is wrong. Just tell them about your script/process. It's actually possible that you'll get more work to automate. Worst case, ...
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Is it ethical to back out of final interview round?

An interview is a two way process, and just because someone is offered an interview, they are not obligated to take it. At the point either side decides that this is not going to work out: the hiring ...
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What can I do to avoid potential charges for bribery?

At my job, we are told to immediately report potential corruption/bribery to our line manager/a specific person depending on the scenario. If you get ahead of this and own up to it with your boss, ...
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