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Co-worker team leader wants to inject his friend's awful software into our development. What should I say to our common boss?

But something I need to do. But what? Provide your feedback in a "constructive way", and be done about it. Not your place to make decisions. Mention something along the lines of "It ...
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How can a company recover after a Glassdoor debacle?

For the purposes of this, I'm going to assume that at least the bare facts of the reviews are accurate (i.e., that the company uses older technologies and sometimes requires legacy code from new hires)...
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How can a company recover after a Glassdoor debacle?

You're looking at this "problem" the wrong way. The way your question reads is "People are leaving negative reviews, therefore people shouldn't be leaving negative reviews, how do we stop people from ...
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Coworker reviewing code too late in process

Unless Clint finds any major, “do not deploy”, bugs, I would simply thank him for his feedback and explain to him how you intend to address the points he raises (if valid) in future releases. If he ...
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How do I know I'm not unknowingly messing up my software apprenticeship?

The first sign that you're not is the fact that you're concerned that you might be. Give me someone who's a little insecure over a know-it-all any day. It means you're going to ask questions, ...
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What does it mean when an interviewer is rude?

We can't possibly know what drove this person to make those comments. Maybe he is simply a jerk on a power-trip. Maybe the company has a strategy of making you feel like crap, and thus feel super ...
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Is it professional to make lack of feedback visible?

What they did was unprofessional. You should reply to the group email with copies of your original emails and something like this. I'm very sorry that you feel that my samples were limited. I am ...
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Coworker watches content on his phone all day

Should I approach him about this behavior? I would only do this if this person is falling behind on their tasks, or their work quality worsens. You just said that this person is a "good employee ...
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Giving feedback to someone without sounding prejudiced

As long as you kept your feedback limited to the things she did, what the effect of those things were and what she could do to get a better outcome I don't see how anything you have said could be ...
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Received a 'behavior reminder' from manager. Not sure if it was just me or something she sent to the whole team

Ask them to be more direct and tell me if I did something wrong That. Go to you manager and ask them. "I don't quite understand what this is about. Can you please explain if I did something ...
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Coworker watches content on his phone all day

I don't know the psychological term for this but when I was in university studying computer science I developed a bad habit of always playing random repetitive games on my phone or laptop while ...
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Is it a problem that pull requests are approved without any comments

While the other answers are good, you have mentioned something new and relevant in a comment, which might be causing the specific behaviour from your teammates in your case. You said: I'm also the ...
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How to deal with a nit-picky coworker

My input is take this to your manager. Constructive feedback in a code review is one thing. Calling you out up to several times a day in front of peers is pushing bullying. Tell your boss ...
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How to handle anonymous feedback from unknown colleague via manager

"I received feedback from my manager that a colleague found a code review comment of mine hurtful." "I looked over my recent comments and did not find anything that seemed objectionable to me" You ...
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How can I give feedback without hurting the other person?

The trouble with "very difficult to work with" isn't that it's insulting - it's that it gives no way for the recipient of that information to improve. If you really want to help this person improve, ...
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Is it professional to make lack of feedback visible?

would it be unprofessional from my side to reply to the mail Yes, you should not be doing this without taking it to your manager first. Best case scenario and the professional way any dispute like ...
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How do you respond to (negative) interview feedback?

Is there any point in addressing this or shall I just say thank you for taking the time and providing me feedback? Yup, there you go. No point in arguing back (specially if this was an interview). ...
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I have been invited for a post-interview chat about a position for which I am not selected. Should I still attend?

Myself and several of my family members have had post-interview chats (formal and informal) like you describe on different occasions. In those chats we learned things like: The interviewer had a ...
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Is rude to ask an ex employee for a feedback about a company they worked for?

Short answer: Not normally, but they may be reluctant to answer if they would give a negative response. I don't know what your friend is talking about, saying that it's rude. It's called "due ...
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What does it mean when an interviewer is rude?

This behaviour is highly unprofessional and likely indicative of the workplace culture at this company. If he's comfortable behaving this way in front of total strangers during a job interview, I ...
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Giving constructive criticism to my boss' boss

Can I suggest she work on cutting down or eliminating the phrase "you know" by practicing or taking a class? Or would this be insulting? Telling your boss' boss that they should take a ...
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We're contractors who think the main perm guy isn't very good. Do we say anything?

Should we say something to management about this guy actually not being that great? That depends on your role. If you are a contractor brought in to work on specific projects, then you put your ...
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Why do my bosses ask if I am okay?

Should I ask them what they mean If you want to know why they are asking if you are okay, you need to ask them. They are the only ones who could know their reasons. Any suggestions anyone here could ...
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Do I owe my company "fair warning" about issues that won't be solved, before giving notice?

Do I owe my company this sort of "fair warning", to bring up issues that are severe enough to make me want to quit, even if I know there's no hope in fixing them? No. You don't owe this. ...
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Co-worker team leader wants to inject his friend's awful software into our development. What should I say to our common boss?

If you believe that a coworker is operating in cronyistic manner and playing fast and loose with company funds, yes, that is something you should raise with your manager. Saying the software is "crap"...
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Coworker reviewing code too late in process

Either a code review is required for the release, or it is not required. If it is required, then the reviewer must be responsible for reviewing this in time. You must have the power to go to his desk ...
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How can I get a new developer to significantly improve their code?

On being a "bad cop" As was mentioned before, the way to go is detaching yourself or any person for that matter from the issues to be raised. This means: Your rules need to be clear and ...
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Dealing with "work faster" feedback

The project probably was badly managed, but by trying to rebut every element of the feedback, you're missing a chance for a more productive conversation with your manager. It is also going to come ...
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Is it ethical/professional to give feedback to a candidate during an interview?

I would err on the side of caution, internal processes or HR practices/Standard Operation Procedures may be in place that advocate AGAINST this type of behavior. While I understand the human side of ...
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Uncomfortable in one-on-one meetings. Do I let my manager know this?

When the meeting starts, she always asks what do I want to talk about. You can tell her a few things to keep the meeting short and simple: All the projects are going very well. You are very happy ...
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