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I don't know if I should put this latest experience in this company in my updated CV. Should I? Yes, if you don't one would assume you were not doing anything. Plus industry experience in a significant role will increase your chances. I also don't want to mention that I will make this career change (perhaps they will then say why I withheld the medicine-...


The question is, why would you want to lie? For me, there is two types of resignations: people that like other companies better. For the money, the people, the tasks or whatever other reason. That might be something to be upset about, a boss or company might take that personal. I'm not saying that would be right, but I have seen that happen. And then there ...


With my experience in hiring, at a medium-sized company. Interviews were covered by so many people and we read/sent out follow-ups to so many people we would never have remembered one not answered. The only thing that would remember is our hiring software that remembered people by email address.


I once did this (one of the top-5 embarrassing things I've done in my life). I actually ghosted a job offer many years ago because I felt uncomfortable about it. A few years later, my company at the time actually merged with the company I ghosted. I took the opportunity to apologize in person to the manager in question. He basically just shrugged, didn't ...


If it was essentially your oversight and a whole year has passed, I think I would just let sleeping dogs lie and hope they've forgotten your name by now. It's old fashioned to imagine an employer (or his secretary) writing out a letter by hand, to a candidate they might realistically foresee retaining in a job for life, and holding a grudge for non-response. ...


I think you've answered this yourself because you've listed only positive reasons to contact them. Try something short, pleasant, and light on excuses: "Hi. Sorry I missed your email while I was preparing for employment at another company. I hope you found a great candidate."

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