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Initially I did not have a mat to stand on while using the standing function of the desk, so I was on hard linoleum. I found a mat in a storage area that has some cushion but for whatever reason I actually feel more comfortable standing on the hard floor rather than the mat. This seems like madness to me - you (seem like) you were fine standing on the hard ...


According to National Science Foundation who conducted a survey and concluded that 26% of employees attend to the work while they are sick.They come to office to attend their workload and if they are right as rain, they fake it. So if a person is sick affected by a contagious disease like chicken pox he must take doctor precautions and do not spread the ...


Sometimes thare are laws that a person must be careful to not spread his contagious illness to others. You will need to consult a more knowledgeable person on this mater. But there is the common sense also. Do you really want everybody in the office to go home sick? (Assuming that they will all catch the sickness). Even if they will not develop the disease, ...

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