On old-fashioned business correspondence, this is how they’d indicate who dictated it (capital initials) and who typed it (small initials.) I am not sure what the middle set of initials mean: perhaps a second author, or a reviewer for compliance purposes. Here is a bit of corroborating evidence for the general plan.


I think that's the wrong approach to take. Instead, you should consider thanking for their time and if you think of any relevant additional information you didn't say during the interview, add that. Something along these lines: Thank you for the opportunity to interview for position of (position) with you on (date of interview). I appreciate the ...


Companies typically move at the speed of dirt and you'll rarely see anything done during the weekend. Take a step back and relax. They already offered you the position and have said nothing about the virus, so don't jump to conclusions. Give it a couple weeks. That's a normal time-frame when things have already been generally decided, but no one is in a ...


If your appointment letter says that you can exit the company by paying for non serving notice pay or for the difference of non serving notice pay, it should be legally ok to exit the company and the company can't stop giving all the clearance as required as under law if everything is as per agreed terms and conditions. Handover all company property, pay ...


The answer to this will be entirely up to company policy and locale labor laws. In the USA, many companies will only pay non-exempt workers (not management or professionals) for car travel time if the time is during the employee's normal work day. Some companies will differentiate the driver from passengers.

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