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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

it's still wrong Why? Because some handbook written by an HR busybody says so? That's a deliberately inflammatory statement and I don't necessarily completely agree with it, but at its core is a ...
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What to do when a sick employee doesn't respond to communications, and has important data?

She is not "ghosting" you if she is on sick leave. The whole point of "sick leave" is that the person is not feeling well and cannot work. She might be resting, she might be out for doctors ...
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Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?

You're not in the army, in prison or at school - you can tell whoever you like. What are they going to do if you do ?
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Called into a meeting and told we are being made redundant (laid off) and "not to share outside". Can I tell my partner?

In a situation where you're asked to do something uncanny, like be silent about getting laid off, it might be helpful to reflect on why they're asking you to do that. Instead of just obeying and then ...
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Dating a Former Employee

Go for it. She sacrificed her job for you. Marry her while you're at it so people can't talk smack behind your back anymore. Because at that point, attacking a colleague's spouse is an HR issue.
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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

If you have one developer and twenty(!) managers on this project, your developer is more than likely unable to get any actual work done while in-office. He's been putting in hours at work and then ...
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Meeting with the boss one-on-one but a member of HR will be attending

Could be harmless, could be bad. It's clearly significant: Written invitation and HR presence means it's something official where HR makes sure that all laws and procedures are followed. Most likely a ...
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What to do after I signed a blank sheet of paper given to me by my manager?

Yes you are in danger. However, anything your manager does (like printing a new letter over the signature) is fraud, and quite the bad variety too. As she was doing what she was doing in the ...
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Fired by an Intoxicated Boss

Why hide it? Yes, your boss was intoxicated, but you don't want to have issues because you didn't mention something you full well knew and they then find out later. Just make sure to explain exactly ...
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Employee questioning company policies too much - what should we do?

What should you do when an employee questions your corporate policies? You listen! If the employee was disrespectful, then fix the disrespect. If the employee is respectfully questioning your ...
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How to convince HR to let my star employee work from home?

If it was the CEO's decision to take away the work from home policy then HR is simply doing what they have been directed to do. If there is anyone that needs to be convinced it is the CEO. You can ...
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Co-Worker quit today, boss is pretending it didn't happen. Is this weird?

There is a certain amount of "getting your ducks in a row" that may be necessary when someone leaves employment very quickly. They may have been fired (despite someone saying X texted Y "I quit", you ...
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Might lose job and have no income due to insulting my coworker

Let me preface this by saying that I am in several "protected groups" and have dealt with workplace discrimination based on that. Including having been told that "They shouldn't be ...
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Can I buy my company internship laptop? Will they hunt me down if I keep it?

You should definitely contact the company you had your internship with, remind them that you still have their laptop and ask how to return it. It is company equipment so the ownership is theirs and ...
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Coworker throwing cigarettes out of a car, I criticized it and now HR is involved

While I congratulate you for standing up for your beliefs, but it seems that you've entered a rather sticky situation. Clearly, this person is a bully, and I'm sorry to say that these sort of ...
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I snapped at a co-worker, apologized, but now HR wants me to meet with her

Email from HR today requiring me to sit down and discuss with HR and the person I snapped at. Am I required to go? I'm not a fan on conflict (who of us are), but I'm not too happy that HR is forcing ...
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Recovering from an embarrassing misunderstanding about "New Mom's Rooms"

I think sometimes people do get carried away with "equality" issues and forget that we are NOT made equal (genetically) and some differences cannot be compared. Your experience is perfect example of ...
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What to do when a sick employee doesn't respond to communications, and has important data?

The idea you don’t understand how an employee being out sick works speaks volumes to your core frustrations. First you say this: “Yesterday I tried to contact her through the usual channels and ...
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HR trying to sabotage my wife's work because we're married

Is there something we could do? Having your wife report to you directly and sit in the same office (regardless of the size) is highly irregular in my experience and, sadly for you, a legit spot for ...
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Should I report a leak of confidential HR information?

I would report it. Don't hide your identity, there is no point. If your company asks Slack, Slack can probably tell them who accessed that file. It's all in the logs anyway. It's just a matter of ...
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How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

While I won't answer the original problem directly I wish to tackle something tangent to this. And I feel it is important enough to warrant an answer and not a comment. From a comment (and the post) ...
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How do I tell management that I can't work with my spouse anymore?

Let us reconsider what you wrote: You raised a valid concern. While I have worked with my spouse on two occasions, the employer always asked me if we were okay with it. It is the sensible thing to do....
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Employee questioning company policies too much - what should we do?

Did you actually send him a copy of your travel expenses policy before he traveled to the interview? If not, then I'm not surprised that he made a fuss about it. If I were asked to attend an ...
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How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

This situation is spiraling out of control out of anger and frustration. I can't speak to the legal aspect, but it should not have gotten to this stage. You basically gave him nothing in negotiation ...
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Someone from HR discussed my salary and bonus with external mutual friend. What should I do?

If you want "something" to be done but don't want to escalate, then you can ask the HR person directly about the incident. I just learned that my salary details were disclosed outside the company. ...
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Was I subtly told to resign?

Did she basically tell me to look for another company? If this is your main and only question, I will just answer that instead of telling you what you should do. It is impossible to tell with ...
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Feels like I am getting dragged into office politics

Stay out of it If the BD manager asks about your opinion of your boss or team, say something like "hey, I'm happy to help with any work related stuff, but please direct questions about our team,...
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Young colleague wants to resign; I would like him to stay

Talk to him. Don't guess what you think he wants, get him in a one-to-one meeting and ask him about his career goals, about what he likes about the company, about what he dislikes. Then work to ...
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Notice period 60 days but I need to join in 45 days

Please note that this answer is based on the original post and comments, which described a completely different context than after the edits. The original question was mainly based on a ...
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