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Got offer letter, submitted documents but didn't join, now they are asking for money to return my documents?

Those documents still belong to you and this sounds like extortion. Call the police and accuse the company of theft. Don't just name the company, name the people you were dealing with.
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Company is making my position redundant due to cost cutting but asking me to send email for resignation

A decent company would either give you notice and pay everything they are legally required to pay, or they will write a contract that says you resign and that specifies exactly what they will do for ...
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Company wants to "retain" part of my salary?

Ignoring the fancy language, the company is essentially asking you to take a cut in pay. This is not uncommon, especially when companies are not doing well. From your description, it sounds like ...
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Is it ethical to back out of final interview round?

An interview is a two way process, and just because someone is offered an interview, they are not obligated to take it. At the point either side decides that this is not going to work out: the hiring ...
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Notice period 60 days but I need to join in 45 days

Please note that this answer is based on the original post and comments, which described a completely different context than after the edits. The original question was mainly based on a ...
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How to deal with my team leader who keeps calling me about project updates even though I am on leave for personal reasons?

The simplest way is just don't answer his calls when you're on leave. If something really important comes up he can email. I don't answer calls from anyone whose number I don't recognise or don't ...
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Compensation for working overtime on Saturdays

You're missing the obvious third option: Stop working on Saturdays It's clear you're not allowed to work on Saturdays so you should stop doing it. If your manager tries to force you anyway you ...
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Interview question "How long will you stay with us?"

I'd say "I expect great things for working with you over the years in terms of career opportunities, exposure to company challenges and promotion to positions where I can be of high value to you. If ...
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My employer faked my resume to acquire projects

TL;DR - Get out, soon. Did anyone has been in this situation? A very close friend of mine. How things went by when you refused to do such kind of unethical activities? Did you get punished ...
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Company says they will give offer letter only after I join them

Indeed this is a big red flag. By requiring you to join them and quit your current job first, your position to negotiate any terms in that offer letter is significantly compromised. I would recommend ...
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What should I do when colleagues keep commenting on my attire?

As an Indian woman working in MNC, I can quite understand your problem. Let's face it. In our country, when a man earns, people think that is because he needs to feed his family, he is ambitious/...
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Manager is threatening to grade me poorly if I don't complete the project

Talk to your academic adviser. That is a person in your home department who is responsible for helping students progress. Come prepared with: initial scope of work timeline / schedule / something ...
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Developers demotivated due to working on same project for more than 2 years

As my study of this situation, there are other problems, actual problems that needs to be investigated. People simply don't get demotivated for working 2+ years on the same project, they get ...
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Installing organization's app on your phone with "always on location" and tracking permissions

Ask for a company phone to use for testing purposes. If you're going to be testing an in-development app on a phone, it probably shouldn't be your own personal device. After all, if a bug bricks your ...
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Is it wise to help other company poach employees from my current company?

No this is not wise. The best case is that you lose your most competent co-workers, which is going to make your life harder. The worst case is that your employer finds out, fires you, and trashes your ...
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How to answer "write something on the board"?

Don't be a smart alec in interviews. You want to present the most professional and friendliest version of yourself. If there's an unclear question (and if the question actually was just "write ...
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Is a job offer letter with no mention of salary structure legal or correct?

[....] the salary annexure and appointment letter will be issued on your joining. So, basically you're expected to accept an offer and join the work without having any written proof of appointment ...
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Is the concept of multiple projects normal in the IT industry?

It is normal to be on multiple projects for many companies. Your problem is your personal organisation of your work. You need to keep the projects separated. I am to work on both these projects ...
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Is it rude to joke that a candidate was "trained well" by their college?

The offense here was implying that the candidate is not acting sincerely or in good faith, but only in the way he’s been “trained.” I believe that’s really what you meant to say, so all you can do is ...
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How to politely state that a software requirement is infeasible?

Very few things in software engineering are actually infeasible. They might take a lot of time and/or cost a lot of money, but most things can be done eventually one way or another. "The ...
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How should a leader behave when they miss deadlines themselves?

Admit your mistakes quickly Explain what you did wrong Explain what you will do to fix them Explain how you will make sure this will not happen again Don't make the same mistake again.
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Company says they will give offer letter only after I join them

They keep insisting that I give them my joining date with them. The way I see it from your statement: They are not asking you explicitly to resign from your current organization, they are asking you ...
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Company wants to "retain" part of my salary?

This is the mother of all red flags. Look for another job immediately. Don’t cover any expenses for the company (because they might never get paid). You are afraid that you lose your job if you don’...
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Should I agree to accept any further addition of rules to the company policy?

If yes, how can I deny to sign the letter politely? My experience with issues like this is to ignore/forget/lose them as long as possible while I watch what the other staff do. Sometimes there is ...
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How should I maintain a professional relationship with female coworkers?

I disagree with all the answers saying to treat them just like male colleagues. Treat them with the respect that is inherent in your cultural values. I work with many women. I don't treat them the ...
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What to tell to a rejected candidate?

You do not owe this person an explanation of why he was not selected. And it is almost always a bad move to try to tell them. If he calls though, you do owe him a straight answer on whether he was ...
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How do you deal with a boss who assigns you work but wants you to learn the technologies in your personal time?

No. This is not a normal thing in the software industry. Most of the time, software companies provide some reasonable training to help new developers get up to speed. I would suggest that your friend ...
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What to tell to a rejected candidate?

I have two standard responses. Before a decision is made: I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm. The process is still underway and you won't hear from us until it is complete. After a decision ...
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Using audio cues to encourage good posture

I believe there should be a line somewhere between suggesting / advising good practice and appearing pushy for implementation. You don't need to chase everyone, individually to make them follow the ...
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Should I accept an offer, where the company sends only some basic details of joining, via email only, and the rest by call?

The fact that they have agreed on certain terms (as per verbal communication/ discussion), but are not willing to provide them in form of a contract, is a red flag enough for me. I do not wish to ...
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