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Admit your mistakes quickly Explain what you did wrong Explain what you will do to fix them Explain how you will make sure this will not happen again Don't make the same mistake again.


How should a leader behave when he misses deadlines himself? Leaders need to be held accountable just like anyone else. If they missed a deadline they should: Admit to missing the deadline Apologize for missing the deadline Explain the reason(s) for missing the deadline Explain the steps that they will take to prevent this from happening in the future. ...


All the other answers are great, but nobody gave what is in my opinion the most obvious answer: How do you expect your subordinates to react if they miss a deadline? Whatever your answer is, do that.


Admit your mistake Admit your mistake. That's the most important part. Do not excuse it Do not explain it. Do not justify it. Do not give out reasons. There are exceptions to this rule. But for now, I won't go into them. 99% of the time, it's just better to not give out any. Do not promise that you won't do it again If you want people to trust you, ...


How should he react now? Since you said your friend a leader, the leader does not react... Shall he give an explanation for the missing deadline? Or just keep quiet and try to build a better reputation next time by being in-time? An apology & an explanation is appreciated and will be seen as your courage for acceptance of failure. An ...


How should he react now? He should apologize and make sure it doesn't happen again.


From the comments: "Frankly, I don't wanna join this startup at all! The ONLY reason I want their offer is so I can use it as leverage to drive up my compensation in other companies. So I need a safe way of accepting their offer (without signing anything), that I can later turn down." This is an important piece of context that should have been in ...


Will this date of last working day in previous company and date of joining next company affect my rejoining? This is a matter of what the company decides, and we cannot help you here. Is it fine to rejoin ? As long as you left on good terms, why not? I know a guy who left in less than good terms (read: words were said, the kind one does not usually find ...

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