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Neither of these things should be a significant issue, because it's clear that you're not trying to lie to make yourself look better. If you'd claimed to have a higher score than you actually did, or you claimed to have experience that you didn't have, those would both be red flags.


Hm, are you still looking for new answers to this question? I see that it's over a year old, however since the OP updated the wording and bumped the question, let me try and chip in with a suggestion. I come primarily from a "fluent" (or, as you say, hectic and unpredictable) academic environment. And what you describe is true: a researcher has a ...


A background check by an employer in India usually entails verifying the data and references provided by you. They want to make sure you are being truthful about your past employer, designation and period of work. Some firms also request a "character certificate". A "character certificate", from a private or government employer, is mainly ...


What have you mentioned in your resume about the gap between your engineering graduation and post graduation period? I see that you have not mentioned about the contact center. Then, what have you mentioned? Is it a gap or any other job? If it is merely a gap and if someone asks about it, then mention that it was in a different field other than IT. Don't ...

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