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I am in India, and I had a similar situation, where the offer was that I had to join within 60 days, but my then employer had a 90 day notice requirement. I had worked there for 10 years, on great terms, and I had a chat with my manager and told him that I wanted to leave and wanted a reduction in the notice period. They took their own sweet time about ...


I see that you are in India, which has slightly odd rules (for westerners), but this should still be appropriate; Talk to the new company; make sure they know that you have 90 days notice to serve, but you are trying to get that reduced. If they insist on 75 days, that's a red flag anyway. If the new company is OK with your notice period, resign. Give the ...


You get paid below the average market rate and only get paid 10 out of 12 months? Why are you even there? What do you hope will "improve"? To what point, improve to the point where they pay you a fair salary? Should I search for a new job? Sure. Why would you not do that? It is not mandatory to take any of the jobs you find during your search. ...


No, never resign until you have a formal, signed offer from your new employer. See many, many questions on this site for times it's gone wrong. he told me that he would be marking DOJ(Date of Joining) as 1 month after this call Get back in contact with the recruiter. Tell them you won't be joining until one month after you receive the offer letter.

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