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I'm going to be blunt: this is an internship that only lasts a few months; the person hiring you doesn't expect you to accomplish anything important, doesn't care about your skills (apart from being able to perform the task you're being hired to work on) and probably wants as little interaction with you as possible. That might sound really mean. But you ...


Should I tell recruiter where I have decided to go? No, it's none of their business. Information is valuable, you don't give it out without a clear reason and idea of how it will benefit you. Additionally you would be giving away information that involves your employer to another company.


I wouldn't tell them where, but telling them why may help them. If they're honest about wanting to know why so that they can address their deficiencies then that certainly can't do any harm.


Should I tell recruiter where I have decided to go? If he asks: sure, why not? I liked the recruiter for Company B, so I'm willing to talk to him. As it happens I told him I was going to Company A because their product, and therefore what I'd be working on, better aligned with my interests. I'd tell anyone that, even a bunch of unknown people on the ...


I am on the other side of the table, in a very similar situation (well, the two projects we are offering are NLP and ML related, but you get the idea...). Every company is different, but still let me explain how this is seen from the other side. In our case we took the initiative and explained the candidates that, while the projects are still not completely ...


If Company B decides to hire someone else instead of you, should they tell you who they hired and what made them hire that person?

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