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Conflict of interest in my internal interview process - manager who interviewed me got the job

You also need to consider the fact that the CEO and senior manager may have felt that non of the candidates were suitable for the job. This would have advanced the senior managers thinking, causing ...
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Asking for salary info after 1st interview?

I ask for salary before I even apply at all. Anecdotally, I see a huge range of salaries for the same position - the high end offers 1.5-2x what I would consider "normal" salary for a ...
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Asking for salary info after 1st interview?

My concern is that this 2nd interview is almost 2 hours long and I don't want them (or me) wasting time doing an interview without having an idea of what the salary could be. If you feel that an ...
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Asking for salary info after 1st interview?

Yes, you should ask or you could throw out a number yourself "I'm looking for a salary in the $xxx range". The purpose of salary discussion at this point is not to start an actual ...
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Asking for salary info after 1st interview?

So I passed the first interview, and now the 2nd interview is much longer. Should I ask again? Yes, ask. If they once again do not provide any information then thank them for their time and let them ...
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Asking for salary info after 1st interview?

Should you ask? If it were me I would. I don't want to waste my time or theirs if the salary isn't in my expected range. If they're decent people they'll respect your asking and will be forthcoming ...
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Is such a feedback fair enough?

For the typos, I'd suggest you do the weekly contests on Leetcode. There is a five minute penalty for every submission that is incorrect. In addition to that, when practicing on Leetcode, I'd suggest ...
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It is normal to receive a business card during a c-suite interview?

I received a business card from one of the senior level members mid interview, never experienced that so not sure if that’s a good or bad sign. [...] Are this signs that I will potentially get an ...
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Is "growth opportunity" a good answer for why are you leaving job?

Sometimes the interviewer wants to understand what are your plans with them without asking directly. Going after growth opportunity can be seen as a good aspect of your personality, meaning that you ...
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