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Why do you feel that you need to follow up at all? Or that you've been untruthful? IMHO, you told the truth the first time around - you aren't feeling well, so you won't be working today. Not getting enough sleep and feeling exhausted falls on the spectrum of "not feeling well." A direct line can be drawn from being overly tired/feeling exhausted ...


Well, you have already lied once to them. All you can do is continue, but sick can be anything, not necessarily something people can catch from you. Say you twisted your ankle or hurt your wrist fixing your bike but it feels ok now.


How do I tell them I'm just tired? or can I call it burn out? Why not tell them the truth? Explaining to them just how you did here with us in your post. Seems to me that "I feel tired" may indeed not be the best excuse to call in sick for work... however, the fact that your motorcycle is broken and needs fixing is a valid excuse for being late or ...

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