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For questions about the tools and practices of management, including business management, project management, performance management and other management disciplines in the workplace.

Management is the set of practices, tools, and theories employed in the administration and operation of an organization. Managers formally practice management, but all members of an organization may participate in management activities as part of their role regardless of title.

Management is practiced and studied across a number of sub-disciplines, including:

  • Performance management: The systems and tools that enable managers and employees to measure and understand current performance and improve performance over time.
  • Human resource management: The strategic efforts to organize and administrate individuals in the workplace to maximize the performance of individuals and the organization
  • Project management: The administration of work, resources, and individuals within a team to accomplish the team’s goals.
  • Knowledge management: The administration of creating, documenting, cataloging, and sharing knowledge within an organization.
  • Product management: The administration of planning, forecasting, production, and marketing of a product.

Issues relevant to

Managers and employees face a number of managerial challenges that are relevant to discussion on The Workplace, including:

  • Identifying alternative management tools and practices to employ in situation at work
  • Discussing the benefits and limitations of a specific management practice
  • Recovering from a failure of management or unproductive management practices
  • Experimenting with different management practices or testing out new theories
  • Understanding the expectations and norms of a management role

You should consider using a different tag if your question is about:

  • Discussing a situation involving a manager (possibly your direct manager) at a company (use )
  • Discussing a decision, policy, or action of the upper management of an organization (use )

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