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Criticized for doing my job too well

You did exactly what was instructed, and took scores from "barely passing" to mastery. Emphasize that. If your boss won't bend, offer to take the game down. Meanwhile, you may want to update your ...
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How can I inform my boss that I may have been hired by mistake?

I want my manager to know my actual background and areas of expertise and feel guilty that I “stole” a position using someone else's credentials. However, I'd also like to retain my position, if ...
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My boss gave me an end date for my job- but he wants a very complex project done before then

Act out of professionalism, not out of spite. That said, you can act professionally without making it easy for them. You need to get your resume out, NOW Start scheduling interviews ASAP, take time ...
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What's the most polite way to tell a manager "shut up and let me work"?

What's a work-appropriate way to say "Please stop talking and let me work"? Once they state the request, repeat it back to them and then say: Do I understand the requirement/change correctly? ...
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Did I overreact to my boss asking me to get him coffee?

I agree with your concern. It is far too easy for a woman to be treated as a personal assistant, regardless of her actual job. However, I think your comment about not being the manager's secretary ...
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How can I convince my manager to let me work permanently with a vertical monitor?

You need to be able to divine the "Real Reason™" behind what your boss is saying. Option 1: He's truly unaware it's a "supported configuration." As the one who is in charge of IT ...
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New manager unapproved PTO my old manager approved, because of a conference at the same time that's now a "condition of my employment here"

She's just a manager. She's not the company owner. There is HR, and there is your previous manager who is in a higher position than she is. So unless your previous manager always wanted to get rid of ...
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New manager unapproved PTO my old manager approved, because of a conference at the same time that's now a "condition of my employment here"

If in your first interaction with your new manager, that manager threatens to fire you for not cancelling an already approved PTO just to attend a conference, you clearly need to establish that you ...
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Should I share my opinion of my former manager (from a different company) who's interviewing to be my new manager?

You have first-hand, relevant experience with how he manages teams. You'd be negligent as a team-player and employee if you did not offer that input, as long as it is objective and non-personal. This ...
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What can I do about doing badly on an impromptu coding test?

I think you're asking the wrong question. I'm going to go ahead and say that challenge was probably designed for you to fail it: You've been given a really impromptu test, which is kind of weird ...
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How can I deal with managers that refuse to accept use of common software engineering design patterns?

Has doing it your way ever helped? Was there even once a time when you used indirection and injection and extra interfaces, and there was a last-minute swerve, and it was all handled smoothly and ...
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"I'm not telling you to work nights and weekends, but I am expecting that to happen" - what does this mean?

Can anyone translate this from workplace speak? Basically, your manager wants you to work extra hours without being properly compensated for those extra hours of work. If I were you, I would only do ...
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How should I approach a boss that keeps hiring temporary workers, only to have me finish something?

You might want to take some arguments from the book The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick Brooks. Although it was originally written back in 1975 (overhauled in 1995), it is still one of the most ...
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How can I debate technical ideas without being perceived as arrogant by my coworkers?

Personality traits are often observed and confirmed through subtleties in your behavior, and I suspect you're oblivious to those subtleties. Just as an example, I'm going to dissect a single sentence ...
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How to say No to idea given by team member, when I know from my experience that it is going to fail?

You do this by presenting the thought process that led you to this conclusion - not the conclusion alone. This gives the team, or the individual, a chance to offer their perspective regarding your ...
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Written warning for allegedly "slacking off" (in Germany)

Talk to a lawyer, now. This is specific to Germany. You have limited time to oppose this formal notification According to German law this may have serious implications According to German law it must ...
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Manager says "yes" even when he means "no"

How can I tell him to say "no" if he means "no"? You probably can't. However you can stop asking questions that have Yes and No answers. Instead of just saying "Can I have resources for project ...
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How do I tell management that I can't work with my spouse anymore?

Let us reconsider what you wrote: You raised a valid concern. While I have worked with my spouse on two occasions, the employer always asked me if we were okay with it. It is the sensible thing to do....
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Criticized for doing my job too well

While it's not immediately your fault that people are spending too much time on the game, as the developer, you could help the situation. Turn off the scoreboard server/disable the game entirely for ...
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Should I apologize for being indifferent?

A simple follow-up email would be sufficient: Hey boss, just wanted to thank you again for the pay rise before Christmas, definitely came as a very welcome surprise! Happy holidays, Sirence. Even ...
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Should I call out a toxic manager by name on Glassdoor?

No. This is explicitly prohibited on Glassdoor: We allow reviews that name individuals in the highest positions in a company who have broad influence over the work environment, as long as the ...
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Need to withdraw an application unless their HR changes their rules - how to do so?

Talk to the hiring manager of the new place. Make sure that they're aware of the sensitivity of the situation. If there is another manager at your company that they can talk to, give their name also. ...
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I fear I am being set up to be fired by my direct manager. How to save my job?

This sounds like someone actively trying to sabotage your position in this company. In a situation like this, it's plain bullying. It's time to end the pleasantries and fight back hard whenever ...
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How can I manage my team to maintain a reasonable productivity when my employer doesn't treat employees well?

A wiser man than me said “You can make people stay in the office for 80 hours a week, but you can’t make them work more than 40 hours a week.” That’s the problem you are running into, and there’s ...
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How can I convince my manager to allow me to take leave to be a prosecution witness in the USA?

What can I do to convince my manager to allow me to take leave to testify in court for prosecution? Have the prosecution issue a subpoena for your testimony. That would legally compel your presence ...
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Is this co-worker relationship salvageable?

You launched a formal complaint complete with witnesses and documentation which was investigated for 10 weeks while you were paid for doing nothing, and then your complaints were found to be ...
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(Would be) teammate called me privately to tell me he does not wish to work with me

Note down as much detail as you can recall about the private call, and report it to the manager and HR of the company. Calling potential candidate privately is extremely unprofessional, not ...
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I encountered my boss during an on-site interview at another company. Should I bring it up when seeing him next time?

What would you have to gain? You saw them. They saw you. Both of you knew why you were there. Both of you were probably at least a bit embarrassed about it. Bringing it up just means dredging ...
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Criticized for doing my job too well

I don't think you've correctly identified the problem. You weren't "too good" at your job, you simply performed a task without specific requirements. There were no guard rails. I don't think this is ...
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Should I tell my boss the work he did was worthless?

The short answer: No, you should not tell your boss that his work was worthless. Instead, express that it's not what you need. My rationale is that worthless is emotionally charged, maximally ...
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