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It's generally best for people to stay on mute when not talking; noise on VC is more disruptive than noise in an in-person meeting, because of issues like not everybody getting the same volume. My usual response is to stay on mute, but clap visibly for the camera.


Shouldn't you be muted to prevent unpleasant feedback? Every conference call I am on, participants are generally asked to mute themselves to reduce the feedback, static, and background noise. Such an approach essentially precludes applause.


Suppose a work culture/environment where, in an in-person meeting, if a presenter does a good job, other attendees express appreciation with applause/clapping. and What is the best way for remote participants to join in a similar expression of appreciation, and is there a good alternative when all participants are remote? As you said, when it is in-...


You said everyone had to leave the room once because of this. So it looks like everyone is aware of this issue and not too ashamed to admit that it exists. When something like that happens again (e.g. everyone leaves the room or someone mentions bad smell) you could say something to all your colleagues, like: "I know it's an awkward thing to talk about, but ...


Split your morning meeting into two sessions. Rotate the team members in each session until you figure out who's farting.


For me it becomes unbearable sometimes Stand up, say "Excuse me", cover your nose with a handkerchief and walk out every time. Except that, there's really nothing much you can do. 1. Additionally, walk-in with a bottle of room freshener (and depending on your understanding level with your manager - ask them to have you reimbursed for the cost of the same), ...


No. Answer related to the company and continue your work on your side project in your free time. Why? You can’t know what is on in your life in one to two years. What is of interest to your boss? It’s how you going to help him get the job of his department done? Does your long term goal help in this regard? No it doesn’t. In your day job concentrate on ...

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