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Job asking for bank email and password

Scam. They have absolutely no justification for requesting your password. Don't back away. Run! And report them to the service they contacted you through, so they can be kicked off it. And to the ...
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How can I inform my boss that I may have been hired by mistake?

I want my manager to know my actual background and areas of expertise and feel guilty that I “stole” a position using someone else's credentials. However, I'd also like to retain my position, if ...
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393 votes

Job offer without any details but asking me to withdraw other applications - is it normal?

So my question is, is it normal for recruitment agents to send out job offers without any details? In my experience, that is not at all normal. I've never encountered it personally, nor have I ever ...
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How to turn down request from prospective employer for current employer's code?

Don't do it. Not by giving access, not by screen sharing, not even by describing what is inside (like what security algorithms). Your job as software developer is to create safe and secure ...
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I just started; should I accept a farewell lunch for a coworker I don't know?

You were invited for a team event and you should go unless you are not available for official or personal reasons during that time. None of the reason can be "I do not know the person". If you do ...
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Hiring manager asked me not to accept other offers but isn't extending a verbal confirmation, let alone a formal offer

There's a simple rule. If you don't have a formal offer, you don't have a job. Take another job offer without any guilt. Don't worry about what he's thinking or how it makes him feel. It's ...
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How should I respond when I lied about my education and the company finds out through background check?

In some locations, it is a crime to provide certain types of false information to a potential employer. If this is the case where you are, or you are not sure, you should consider Eric Lippert's ...
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Is it ok to bring cookies for the entire office to my interview?

Is it ok to bring home baked cookies for the office to an interview? Whether it's okay or not, just don't do that. It might be a cultural thing, but do not risk appearing as trying to influence the ...
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First job in an office, very small company, am I screwing up by overdressing?

Any company with a dress code of business attire generally wants to signal professionalism, conscientiousness, high standards, even conformity. Some people will fit in with this corporate culture and ...
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Working extra unpaid hours to compensate for low productivity?

is it a good idea to work extra without claiming hours in order to make up for my incompetence and distractions? No. It's a horrible idea. In addition to doing all the bad things that overtime ...
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How soon do I need to tell my future employer that I won't be able to work for them?

I suggest that instead of telling them you can't take the job you tell them the problems you're facing. Ideally, you would have some proposed solutions as well. For example, are their people all ...
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Spouse is leaving the company we both work for. I will follow but much later. How to handle questions?

If your primary goal here is to avoid burning bridges, then I think this is one of the rare situations where you should probably admit you're planning to leave. Yes, you might get burned for it (ie: ...
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How to safeguard your trade secrets at work?

What do I tell any person if they ask me how I did whatever I did? You show them what you did. Ideally, you teach them how to do it without you. When you do that, you'll build a great reputation as ...
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Job offer without any details but asking me to withdraw other applications - is it normal?

Don't do it! No, it's not normal. Seeing how likely an offer is to fall through (better candidate found, bad fit, etc.) you should never put all your eggs in one basket, even if you actually had been ...
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How to ask a male boss for a sanitary bin in the women's bathroom?

I would like to ask for it as soon as possible, but don't know how to approach my new boss in a professional and non-awkward manner. You are seriously overthinking this one. Something like "Hey ...
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My employer faked my resume to acquire projects

TL;DR - Get out, soon. Did anyone has been in this situation? A very close friend of mine. How things went by when you refused to do such kind of unethical activities? Did you get punished ...
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Company says they will give offer letter only after I join them

Indeed this is a big red flag. By requiring you to join them and quit your current job first, your position to negotiate any terms in that offer letter is significantly compromised. I would recommend ...
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Started new job and don't like it

I had someone recommend that I completely leave this job off resume and simply tell potential recruiters/interviewers that I took some time off to travel and whatnot. I think that might look ...
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How should I answer "How are you liking the job?" if I don't like it?

If it's just an interim job, then always reply positively. There is no plus side to whining and you already have one foot out the door. All you want is to get through this with a revenue stream as ...
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Recruiter is asking for sample code

One of the thresholds for stopping with a recruiter is are they honest, can they be trusted? Ask the recruiter if they understand/know what is wrong with providing code from your current employer (...
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Verbal offer was for permanent full-time, but letter says short-term

One liner: Unless it is mentioned in writing in the contract or in the offer letter, it is not true. Do not "assume" anything, regardless of who is saying that. Consider whatever is written, ...
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Is it a red flag if a job posting says they don't negotiate offers?

This is a very reasonable position. Some offers are negotiable, others are not. It's good that the company tells you how it is from the get go. In many cases, companies have fixed pay levels for a ...
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How to turn down request from prospective employer for current employer's code?

Refuse Refuse to grant access to this person. You're not authorized to do that, and they aren't authorized to access the system. Asking for access to your current employer's system is immensely ...
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Everyone involved in my hiring process left the company before I started: is this a red flag?

Everyone involved in my hiring process left the company before I started: is this a red flag? It's definitely a little weird. I've never heard of a company having an interview panel entirely composed ...
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How to ask for employment terms in writing without coming across as not trusting?

A written contract for an employee is just normal. You don’t have to be afraid about asking. Don’t even make an issue from it. Don’t ask IF there will be a contract as that might really trigger some &...
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Should I hand in my notice at my current employer without a contract from my new employer? (UK)

If I don't hand in my notice now this will mess up the agreed upon start date. Is it really such a bad idea to hand in notice without a contract or should I wait? Yes it is a bad idea to hand in ...
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How can I effectively communicate to recruiters that a phone call is not possible?

A former co-worker, not a recruiter but someone who deals with a ton of email, once told me that she only scans emails for the important information because that's what they're told to do. Many ...
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Rejecting an offer after accepting it just 10 days from date of joining

Please don't judge the organization based on a group email from Human Resources! They probably have a new-hire checklist they're following. They probably have a few-years-old email message they send ...
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Should I accept a full time job knowing I will not be able to commit long term to it, while employer expects me to do so?

I would suggest that you take this job immediately if it is the only job offer you have right now and if you are currently unemployed. The reason is that you don't know for sure when your next job ...
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Is a job offer letter with no mention of salary structure legal or correct?

[....] the salary annexure and appointment letter will be issued on your joining. So, basically you're expected to accept an offer and join the work without having any written proof of appointment ...
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