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Most of the time, the nicest way is to be straightforward. If this happens in middle of a running conversation, just say: Excuse me if you got confused by the tone of the voice, but I'm Mr. X here, not miss X. Another way, lead the conversation by saying: "Hello, Mr.X here / speaking" include the salutation on purpose so as to leave no room for ...


I'm trans so I have special experience here, I guess... Whenever I get misgendered I have three options: 1) Say nothing. 2) Immediately correct them. 3) Correct them if they continue to do it. You have to figure out how much it bothers you. Usually if I'm say... talking to a vendor that I'll never speak with again, I just ignore it. It's not worth the ...


You have been ghosted. Move on and never use that recruiter again. It happens from time to time. It has happened to me. Apply for another job.


I'm assuming here that these are one-time failures by people you don't know to correctly identify you, and not coworkers calling you incorrectly on a repeated basis or with intentional rudeness. For one-off mistakes, an immediate, quick, but casual correction is usually effective. Try not to dwell on it, and if the caller apologizes, make your response ...


When I had interviews or applied for jobs, my rule was that if I didn't hear back in two weeks, I followed up once, and if I didn't hear from them after that, I moved on. If they had every intention of interviewing you and had other issues (interview for other person ran longer, forgotten the time, miscommunication), they would have called back and said, "...


Why do you need to correct them? I have the same problem--my phone voice sounds female enough that I will generally be assumed to be female even when they don't know my name (I have the male spelling, the female Lauren is far more common.) Unless there's some reason they need to know my gender I just let it be. It's not worth trying to correct people.


Not necessarily ghosted. It's possible that the person was dragged into something else. Give it some time (say 3 days) and see if you get a response back. If not then just move on. The number of times that haven't got the interview call, due to agent to HR to interviewer miss communication.


When this happens on the phone, and someone calls you "Miss" or "Mrs." your reaction shouldn't be "please address me as..." but "I am ...". You are Mr. Dhammika. You don't want to be addressed in some special way, you want to be addressed in the correct way, according to who you are. So if someone guesses incorrectly that you are female based on your voice,...

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