This tag should be used for questions about dealing with an employer you used to work for but currently do not. It should not be used for situations where only the type of employment changed (ex. you went from full-time to contract employment).

Sometimes separation from an employer does not end the business between the ex-employee and the previous employer. Problems with final paychecks, benefits, and references may require someone to have to reach back out to the company or organization to get those issues resolved.

Note that this tag should not be used when you are currently working for the employer in question. This includes questions where:

  • You suspect you're about to be fired or laid off.
  • The type of employment changed but your employer did not.
  • The company or organization you work for got acquired/merged with another.
  • You used to work for this employer and are now working for them again.

Questions regarding getting re-hired by a previous employer are OK.