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How to discipline overeager engineer

he's made a point of cutting OT to nothing, focusing on his personal blog/LinkedIn to show off his knowledge, focusing on generic skills/abilities (at the expense of company-specific skills/...
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Employees quitting soon after being denied promotion/raise

People who are content with their job aren't going to ask you for a promotion - it might come up in their performance review, and they won't turn it down, but if they're happy where they are they're ...
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I just found out that my recent promotion comes with an unexpected 24/7/365 on-call status

"today I learned it comes with 24/7/365 on-call to monitor mission critical systems. The first time I fail to fix it within 20 minutes, I will be fired" Then you have really nothing to lose. That'...
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How to discipline overeager engineer

Do not discipline him. He'll walk, and the company will have lost a very valuable asset. It seems to me the right answer here is for you to sit down with whoever you need to sit down with to get the ...
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As a stutterer I have been asked to move into Management

The people who want to promote you know that you stutter. You have discussed this with them and they, who have promoted many people to management in the past, feel it is not an issue. As you say, it ...
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I just found out that my recent promotion comes with an unexpected 24/7/365 on-call status

What the hell do I do now? I feel like I just got bait and switched and I want to go back to my old position. If that's the case, you should ask for a one-on-one meeting with your manager and ...
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How to discipline overeager engineer

Referencing an answer I put in another question: Does having two jobs simultaneously count for twice the experience? Your company assumes that you count each day as fully worked. You state that your ...
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How should I tell a colleague I don't think he's qualified for a lead role?

How can I tell him that based on skills I don't see him as an appropriate candidate for the position in question without ruining our team spirit? You don't. You wish him good luck and that's it. It'...
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Senior engineer suddenly unwilling to do extra work they used to do after being denied promotion

The bridge is burned. He will likely leave the company once he finds another job. Your company can be happy he is not in a financial position to walk out - I WOULD. The moment I am f**** over, I walk ...
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Senior engineer requesting promotion without payraise after promotion deferred due to COVID

TLDR version: You absolutely should give him this empty promotion with the promise that there will be a stated goal (and activity) towards making it not empty in the future. You should thank Gus for ...
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I'm being promoted and my salary is going to decrease

My possibilities would be threatening to leave (that is indeed possible) or to stop working overtime (not so easy). You're forgetting one possibility: you can refuse the promotion.1 A promotion ...
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Should my manager be aware of private LinkedIn approaches I receive? How to politely have this happen?

Should my manager be aware of me being offered opportunities to other companies? The short answer to this is no. The longer answer is that once you make that statement, you have essentially said "...
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How to help a co-worker who wouldn't be able to get promotion due to lack of English skills?

From your comments: Actually management has make promotion exam in english to enhance Englsh understanding better which helps to understand technical orders mainly in English This sounds to me as ...
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How to catch up with people my age in terms of career?

You will probably get answers telling you there is no need to catch up, which may be a valid point. However you are specifically asking to catch up so I will try to help. I took awhile to graduate ...
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I've discovered my employer is hiring for the (senior) position I want. How do I proceed?

How would you approach this with your manager? Talk with your manager directly about the best way to apply for the opening immediately. There is no reason you should have to wait, but you may as ...
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Big promotion offer but am I hurting my career with the title?

You're definitely overthinking this one. If the new role offered fits you now, you should take it now. Sometime in the undefined future, you may desire to change roles or companies. You will be able ...
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How to discipline overeager engineer

I don't see an overeager engineer, I see a disgruntled one. In this answer, I addressed a similar problem, but one that had gotten worse How can I deal with troublesome Professional Engineer? You ...
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Offered promotion but I'm leaving. Should I tell?

Should I tell her that I'll be leaving shortly? No, you should just let things go as if nothing happened. After you have signed the new contract tell them that you are leaving. Even more, as long as ...
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How do I convey that I'll leave if I don't get promoted?

My question is how I can convey that I'll be actively pursuing external opportunities if I don't get this promotion without it sounding like a threat. You can't, because it is a threat. In reality, ...
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Boss not responding to my email about promotion

Time to be a little more assertive: Schedule a 1:1 with your boss with the specific agenda of "career planning". If he doesn't accept, ignores it or declines without comment you have your ...
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I just found out that my recent promotion comes with an unexpected 24/7/365 on-call status

This is one of those times when Gordon England's classic question would have been really useful. When they sprang the 24/7/365/"20 minutes"/"no backup personnel" story on you, you could have had a ...
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Promotions usually come with raises, right?

When a workplace is getting creative with the money it's a sign that unless you see it as a career company it's best to view it as a stepping stone.
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How to deal with a promotion if it would be more lucrative after an upcoming rule change?

If you want to actually take the promotion, discuss the problem with the manager suggesting you for the promotion. I would love to accept right now, but I have calculated that if I accept now, it ...
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How can I retain a volunteer employee frustrated for not being promoted?

Figure out the exact motivations for this person There are many benefits that a C-Suite position might have over a non C-Suite one and most of those can be detached from the job itself. It could be ...
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Senior engineer suddenly unwilling to do extra work they used to do after being denied promotion

The other answers are diplomatically answering OP's question and I mostly agree with TomTom's answer. However, I want to add a perspective that imho every good manager should see and preferably follow....
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Senior engineer requesting promotion without payraise after promotion deferred due to COVID

Speaking as someone who's been in a somewhat analogous situation to Gus here, denying them the promotion will make them much more likely to leave than just giving it to them. They want it. They've ...
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How do you take on less stress in a role than your predecessor did?

How do you take on less stress in a role than your predecessor did? Do not take your predecessor's role. Your boss in his attempt to convince you made it pretty clear that all the extra work and ...
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Should I apply for my boss's promotion?

Would it be time-wasting to apply? Yes - you say yourself you don't want the role and want your boss to have it. Or is it an opportunity to increase my profile in the organization? Yes, but not ...
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Should I report co-worker I suspect of embarassing/pranking my employer publicly?

No, mind your own business. There is very little upside to being embroiled in the drama even as a “whistleblower”. There are a lot of ways for it to make trouble for you and frankly the “chaos” of ...
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Taking over another fired developer's role

Since you have no experience besides help desk type roles, I suggest you take this as an opportunity to learn and get experience on your resume. After 2 years, look for a new job. It's very difficult ...
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