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Not well thought out in my opinion. Why should PM reward you for being self centered and selfish? Unfortunately every project has problems and issues. Your time is better spent resolving project issues for your PM and team. You’ll build your credibility and trustworthiness which will result in more challenging assignments


Here is a Workplace question, like many others, where the answer is "have a conversation." Talk to your manager about this. Mention you don't think you're living up to your potential and you'd like to do more challenging work. Subtly make it a business opportunity for him: suggest that your company could improve its quality of service by giving you harder ...


I frequently am surprised by who considers me a friend from work - for some reason I'm just not great at knowing when I've hit it off with someone. Everyone is respectful and friendly, but sometimes it isn't who I expect that shows up to brewery trips or dinner parties. I bet you have more friends at work than you perceive, and you can draw them out by ...

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