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Questions pertaining to a permanent end to a person's employment. If you are leaving one job for another or intend to find another immediately, use 'resignation'. If you are leaving a job for an extended period of time but intend to return to the same position/employer, consider the tag 'sabbatical'.

The term retirement gets used a few different ways:

  1. A person exiting the workforce in terms of any meaningfully gainful employment.

    For example, a woodworker may take on an odd job once or twice per year and still be considered retired because they are not working regularly and any pay they get from those jobs is not a meaningful source of income. Similarly, a person doing volunteer work after exiting the workforce is still considered to be retired.

    A person who works regularly but intentionally doesn't work in any significant capacity is said to be semi-retired. A person who re-enters the workforce comes out of retirement.

  2. It is sometimes used to refer to the age at which one retires.

  3. It is sometimes used to refer to the various funds one will use for income after leaving the workforce.