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It seems as though my employer wants me to come into work when I'm ill. Am I missing something?

Yes you are missing something: HR IS NOT YOUR FRIEND Every last meeting like this, they are building a file on you. The proof of this is the tone of the last meeting demonstrated. The next step is ...
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How to approach coworker who has cancer, if I'm not supposed to know?

I feel really bad for him and want to approach him to offer condolences. However, I wasn't supposed to know in the first place, and don't want him to feel uncomfortable. If this coworker had ...
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Single parent takes many sick days

I had a single parent friend who nearly lost her job due to taking too many sick days for her and her daughter. When she mentioned to my wife and a mutual friend that she was on her last warning they ...
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Might have gotten a coworker sick, should I address this?

My question is, is this an appropriate way to express my concern and apologize if I accidentally spread my illness to him? I think you may be worrying about this a bit too much, and if you provide ...
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Is there anything better I can say to coworkers after taking a day off for mental health, when they ask?

Usually for me, the following simple phrase suffices: I wasn't feeling too great yesterday, but am feeling a bit better today. Thank you for asking As your coworkers are supportive, the odds are ...
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Approach sick days in feedback meeting

He follows all the company policies for sick days, so from the HR perspective there is no problem. Then there's no problem that needs resolving. Should I approach his sick days in the feedback ...
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Interviewing with an unmentioned 9 months of sick leave taken during a job

Just because you were on leave, doesn't mean you stopped working for the company. It's still N years. If you really must mention it "I worked for company X and did great job, in spite of overcoming a ...
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Should I warn my boss I might take sick leave?

Please take care of your health and well being. Talk to your boss at the earliest. Your mental well-being has a much higher priority than work which is a never-ending process. Having an ...
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How should I reply appropriately if my boss tells me that they are sick in an e-mail?

Don't overthink it. "Feel better soon!" is fine. You can also clarify if there's anything special your boss needs you to handle while they are recovering. This is what I usually reply to emails like ...
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Should I disclose a colleague's illness (that I should not know about) when others badmouth him

As a person with "hidden" disabilities myself, I would appreciate if, instead of telling her (you would probably unintentionally communicate a botched version of my disability and how it affects me at ...
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It seems as though my employer wants me to come into work when I'm ill. Am I missing something?

It must first be addressed that under UK law, you can "self certify" for up to 7 days. This means you call in sick and you diagnose yourself. Anything above that requires a doctors note. It also means ...
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How to handle an injury that happened outside the workplace?

but I definitely feel like I shouldn't be here. Then don't be there, burn the rest of your sick days and vacations if needed. Anything else you decide to sacrifice your health for saving holidays/...
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Is it "ok" to work on personal projects when home sick?

It is always important to avoid the appearance of impropriety. While there is nothing wrong with working on your project per se, an employer might take a very dim view if they note any time stamps ...
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Pressure to go back to work after heavy surgery

Well, you seem physically incapable of performing your duties at the moment. That's the bottom line, really. Your health should be your primary concern. Unfortunately, your health is not your manager'...
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Single parent takes many sick days

I suggest you offer your employee reduced hours - say 32 a week. Then you pay him only for that, and you plan around that. Your plan might be that he doesn't work Fridays. Your arrangement would then ...
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Application form asking for number of sick days

This is an absolute no-go. See page 129 of the Equality Act 2010 Code of Practice: Pre-employment enquiries about disability ...
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Manager says I take too many sick leaves and that creates a bad perception

This comes down to culture at a company. The sensible thing when feeling ill is to not work. You may infect others and further reduce productivity. The other reason is, when you are ill you may enter ...
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Manager that is mad because I won't work during sick leave

Fellow French here. Just wanted to add country-specific information to the other good answers given so far. Sick leaves are called "leaves" for a reason. You are not supposed to work during ...
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Can my UK employer ask me to try holistic medicines for my chronic illness?

The correct answer here is "talk to your local Citizens Advice" (or a paid employment lawyer if you wish. Citizens Advice will be cheaper in the first instance). The answer you'll get from ...
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Is it professional to tell my boss that major illness in my family was the reason for my lack of productivity?

My wife has a mass in her lung. It's likely cancer. First of all, I'm sorry about your mom. You're going to continue to be a mess. You need to tell your boss. It's not a matter of whether it's ...
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How do I let my manager know that I am overwhelmed since a co-worker has been out due to family emergency?

Someone is on leave with a Medical Emergency. The heavens may be falling, the world could be ending and I would still not say anything other than 'Hope your family gets well soon'. In that sense, your ...
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My coworkers think I had a long honeymoon. Actually I was diagnosed with cancer. How do I talk about it?

It isn't entirely clear from your post whether you're dealing with negative comments or if you're just trying to proactively tell the group about your health. Dealing with negativity I'm also on 80% ...
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Is it "ok" to work on personal projects when home sick?

To a great degree you are at home sick because the company doesn’t want you to come in and infect everyone, and that is actually the biggest reason. The other reason is that with some illnesses you ...
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What to do if your boss won't let you go home when you don't feel too well?

I am assuming you are in a country where being sick is a protected status and you cannot be fired for it. If this is not the case, you need to fight for better labor laws and until then find a better ...
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Manager says I take too many sick leaves and that creates a bad perception

The ways that different employers view staff taking sick leave are hugely varied - from the permissive extreme where they support you taking it for anything all the way to the other end of the scale ...
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Should I mention my doctor’s appointment at my meeting with HR?

Do I inform HR now Yes. At this point since HR is involved, be open and honest and tell them everything related to the incident. If you're going to the doctor due to what happened, then yes you ...
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How can I learn to care less because it makes me sick?

You are jumbling up at least 3 categories of problems: those you can help with, those that you should advocate for someone to do better at, and those you need to just accept and stop worrying about, ...
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How to best manage calling in sick for your first week?

How bad does this look to your new employer? I don't really think this is a big deal at all. Tell the truth, back up your sick claim with a doctor's note if possible and carry on. Make sure you ...
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