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Crafting and maintaining an online image of yourself is very difficult. Like you, I have to maintain two of them, an online self, and a professional self. A google search of my steam account would send you to 1000s of message forums, games, and probably stupid things I did as a kid because I have been using the same name since 2003. I might have my own ...


It's only 3 people. Why don't you and your team, or just you, invite one or two people from one of the other teams out to lunch every so often? Maybe you'll be remembered more.


I don't think this counts as a full answer, but it's too much for a comment! If your company makes use of email aliases, see if there is a "development" one and make sure you and your team members are on it.


If there is a regular meeting of development team managers, that would be an excellent forum to have a discussion about events across teams. If you don't already have such a meeting, you might consider trying to get one started. This can help with communication across teams regarding technical, business and informal activities. These meetings help keep ...

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