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How to know if I am a 'Real Developer'

You are already a real developer. I'm guessing that your boss is belittling you in order to keep your morale down, so that you're less likely to look for another job or ask for a better salary. Five ...
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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

it's still wrong Why? Because some handbook written by an HR busybody says so? That's a deliberately inflammatory statement and I don't necessarily completely agree with it, but at its core is a ...
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399 votes

How to deal with an employer who refuses to allow copyright attribution in software

The other answers are decent, but to me they seem like unnecessary escalation. If you go along with this, then yes, you need to cover yourself legally. However, have you tried the simple approach? ...
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How to handle being asked to automate jobs as a temp worker

I was hired for a 2.5 month contract. I was warned by friends and family not to throw myself into the work and not finish too quickly. I ignored them, and did the job in 3 weeks. My employer had me ...
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Why is it so acceptable for software engineers to job hop? I'm tired of constantly recruiting them

If you have a hard time holding on to people, the problem may not be the people. Something to consider... Software engineers tend to dislike change to a very high degree. The fact that they are ...
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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

If you have one developer and twenty(!) managers on this project, your developer is more than likely unable to get any actual work done while in-office. He's been putting in hours at work and then ...
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How to know if I am a 'Real Developer'

... he told me there is no way I could get the same salary or position in another organization The person is an idiot. If he was unhappy with your work, he would fire you. What the person was ...
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How do I tell my manager that his code review comment is wrong?

Be humble. I'm a bit confused here. My understanding was that feature X has property Y. Is there something I'm missing here which means this doesn't work in this case? Much better to start from ...
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Client wants to reduce hourly rate at the start of a new project

First, if you worked 53 hours, you need to bill for 53. The client is getting the value of 10 extra hours, and you're giving it away for nothing? Don't do that any more. Second, "budget problems" ...
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What is the correct way to approach the request that "new developers should not be able to access the codebase"

Due to the potential difficulties in legally pursuing someone from such countries, the directors are unwilling to give these new developers access to the codebase, even with a watertight NDA. If this ...
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Should I talk to my team lead about unintentional sexism within the team?

I was wondering if this is a safe topic of conversation in a one to one meeting with my team lead. This behavior is an acceptable topic, jumping to conclusion as to the cause isn't. I would come ...
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How to lead a group of developers who have much more talent than you

As a developer these are things I hate: Requesting software/resources taking forever and needing loads of forms etc. Stupid requirements that are contradictory to other features or tecnically not ...
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Dealing with reactions from colleague about being self-taught

FYI, most universities don't teach about things like JSON. They teach things like depth-first tree traversal that you could theoretically apply in creating your own JSON library, but anything more ...
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Co-worker team leader wants to inject his friend's awful software into our development. What should I say to our common boss?

But something I need to do. But what? Provide your feedback in a "constructive way", and be done about it. Not your place to make decisions. Mention something along the lines of "It ...
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How to be diplomatic in refusing to write code that breaches the privacy of our users

This of course could place the company under serious fire for invading users' privacy when we get found out. In fact, as far as my country's laws go, it not only illegal, it is unconstitutional. ...
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Coworker submitted my code as his own

You should send an email to him saying something along the lines of: I see that you pushed the code from my branch to the master branch. Please keep in mind that revision history is important in ...
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Just found I was supposed to be working on a completely different project since 8 months ago. How can I handle this?

You know what? I'll do the frame challenge answer and say, Don't Tuck Tail. Oh, don't get me wrong. You're going to get blamed a bit, and possibly thrown under a bus. But trying to flee and find ...
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Is it normal for a computer science intern to not work with any code or developers?

I agree with the answers about taking initiative, but I have some real experience to share so am answering separately. For one of my college internships in EE, I went to work for a large prominent ...
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What can I do about doing badly on an impromptu coding test?

I think you're asking the wrong question. I'm going to go ahead and say that challenge was probably designed for you to fail it: You've been given a really impromptu test, which is kind of weird ...
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How can I deal with managers that refuse to accept use of common software engineering design patterns?

Has doing it your way ever helped? Was there even once a time when you used indirection and injection and extra interfaces, and there was a last-minute swerve, and it was all handled smoothly and ...
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Should I send out an apology email or IM after introducing a production bug?

Mistakes happen to all of us. The key thing is to understand them, learn from them, and avoid them the next time. According to your question, you and the company did all the steps needed. On top of ...
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How do I get our client to care about unit testing instead of just features and bug fixes?

You're going into too much detail with your client. They presumably came to you (well, your team or your company) because you know more about software development than them. It sounds like you are ...
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Assigned to a buggy, failing project days before it is due

You should be focused on a lifeboat for yourself Someone promoted you to lead a project with just 5 days remaining which is an absolute disaster? With only 5 days, it seems that they should have ...
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208 votes

How to help an experienced developer transition from junior to senior developer

This guy is a valuable asset as is. There is no need to change. He does low level work within precise parameters without problems and he's not looking to move out of his comfort zone. There is ...
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Is it appropriate to ask a software developer about extra hours spent for side projects and open-source (as a hobby)?

I don't think it is inappropriate, but I would take care how you word this question. Make sure the interviewee understands why you are asking it. I once had a job where basically everything I did ...
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Is this co-worker relationship salvageable?

You launched a formal complaint complete with witnesses and documentation which was investigated for 10 weeks while you were paid for doing nothing, and then your complaints were found to be ...
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Top developer doing more home office than allowed

This is obviously against policy, and although what he is doing doesn't require to do any interaction with anyone in the office it's still wrong Change the policy slightly I think you should ...
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What would be the downsides of having a “you break it, you fix it” policy in the dev team with the goal of reducing bugs?

In my experience bugs are a consequence of (in no particular order): Poorly defined or constantly changing requirements. Too much work for the amount of time provided, which leads to rushing, which ...
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