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Job title doesn't match my work

I think here the anxiety is getting the best of you. I would summarize your email as this: "My boss likes me, and I am well compensated. My problem is I am unsure of my future". The ...
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Job title doesn't match my work

It really comes down to your goals, short and long term. Getting past the ego part of what someone's title is, what is it's use? Recognition in your current job On your resume Getting back to your ...
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Can I apply to internships at large US tech companies as a student with previous full time experience?

Many people go back to studying after working. So, most companies accept interns based on the course they are enrolled on at the time and don't refuse them based on a previous work history. I did ...
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Job title doesn't match my work

Sammy, you seem like you're pretty competent at what you're already doing. If you want more structure, it would be easiest for you to transition to a bona fide software development role in a ...
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Date of Exit is updated as Sunday in my experience letter

If you transfer straight from one company to another company, without being jobless/unemployed in-between, then it is entirely normal that the old company has the last calendar day before you started ...
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