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How to manage an "over worker"?

It depends on why this employee feels the need to overwork. I've encountered several "types" and if I'm being honest have been at least one of them myself, if you can try and work out what their ...
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New manager is a jerk - is it OK to quit without providing a reason?

While turning around in an exit interview and saying you're leaving because your new manager is an arse may seem like a good idea (been there, done that), it doesn't achieve anything when said ...
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Should I inform my colleague/manager that I get sudden "bad days"?

I think you'd best get some kind of professional (medical) diagnosis for this. It is a lot easier to go to your boss with a medical term that they can, to some extent, relate to and appreciate, ...
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Deal with toxic manager when you can't quit

First of all, quitting is always an option. What would your colleague do if the company suddenly closed its doors? (This happens, and the employees are usually the last to see it coming). Your ...
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What should I do if I am strongly burned out at work, but resigning now would cause problems for my coworkers and burn bridges?

I think I recognize the mental state of a young knowledge worker around the time when they leave their first job. I think this feeling is pretty common. Observation: In my career I've been incredibly ...
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Managing startup, how to control stress levels?

There is only one way to mitigate the "under-sleep" problem: allow your employees to have a healthy life, and to separate the job life from the private life. Other than that, you need ...
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New manager is a jerk - is it OK to quit without providing a reason?

You don't have to say anything in that interview and a few canned responses ("looking for new opportunities", "want to grow professionally", "in search of new challenges") will do to not appear ...
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Stressed at work with no obvious source

How do I determine whether the stress is caused by my job, or something else particular to me? I am not a doctor, but based on what little I can glean from this post, your work is not causing you ...
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How can I recover my reputation and trust after snapping at my boss?

What’s the best way to rebuild trust with my boss and show that I can manage the leadership role? This isn't your fault, you were not given the tools needed to fulfill a leadership role, so you're ...
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Should I be talking to HR about my struggles with stress and depression at my workplace?

What's the correct thing to do? Do not continue talking to HR about this, they are not your friend. HR exists to protect the company. Should I tell HR that I am having a very, very tough time, or ...
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Is being disliked due to making unpopular decisions expected in every management position?

I have a couple of thoughts in this area since you're expressing similar concerns as managers I've coached and/or led. You are correct in that every leadership position will require you eventually to ...
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Deal with toxic manager when you can't quit

To reduce the stress: Stop caring. After 8 hours work a day, stop working. If the manager makes it hard to leave, stop working and get overtime pay without working. If he says “I could have done that ...
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Workplace intimidation due to child's chronic health condition

If you haven't already take a look at the FMLA FAQ. This is the law in the USA so the fact that the company has changed hands doesn't matter. Under qualifying conditions it says "to care for an ...
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Stressed at work with no obvious source

My honest advice is to talk to a professional psychologist about it. You show early signs of burnout and anxiety disorder. It could be caused by your work or by something entirely different, but we ...
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How do you take on less stress in a role than your predecessor did?

How do you take on less stress in a role than your predecessor did? Do not take your predecessor's role. Your boss in his attempt to convince you made it pretty clear that all the extra work and ...
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How can I learn to care less because it makes me sick?

You are jumbling up at least 3 categories of problems: those you can help with, those that you should advocate for someone to do better at, and those you need to just accept and stop worrying about, ...
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New manager is a jerk - is it OK to quit without providing a reason?

Do you care about your co-workers? Do they share your sentiment about the new manager? If so, be honest at the leave interview. I worked at Google many years ago and ended up in the same situation ...
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How to deal with non-stop callers in the service desk

You're never going to eliminate this behavior entirely - some people always feel the need to be doing something regarding their "need" no matter how pointless or even potentially counter-productive it ...
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How much time should be spent on an assessment? Applied to entry level job that has 10 hour assessment

8-10 hours is excessive but not unheard of. It's also possible that this is an attempt to scam you into free work (this would become more apparent when you saw the task and there are questions on this ...
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Boss showing lack of respect towards colleague

Yes, it is bad. Your instinct is right and the fact that you're asking us indicates you already know the answer. Your boss' motivation for acting like this doesn't matter. He may be a sociopath, he ...
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Anxious about daily stand-up meetings

I would treat your standups exactly as they were designed to be, short & to the point; "Yesterday I worked on ticket x, today I will do the same and I have no blockers and I'm open to help ...
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How can I address and prepare for potential layoffs?

Speaking broadly, the professional behavior is to: not repeat rumors not create rumors by default assume the agreements are still valid, proceed as planned ask management for clarification, e.g. is X ...
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How can I raise behavioral concerns as a candidate?

I'm not really sure why you are considering working here, it sounds like your interview process revealed some ugly dynamics that were confirmed by employee reviews and this would be a miserable ...
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How do you take on less stress in a role than your predecessor did?

I don't have a direct answer, but I do have some additional thoughts/strategies... 1 - People are different I have worked with folks that would be stressed out no matter what the situation. I know ...
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How much time should be spent on an assessment? Applied to entry level job that has 10 hour assessment

It’s ok as long as the company puts in the same effort as you do. If different people interview you over eight hours, then you and the company both put in eight hours. Which demonstrates that you have ...
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Dealing with stress in coding interviews

I have a bit of experience with this question. I have sat in two job interviews as a candidate, and tens as an interviewer, so I do know both sides of the story. As an interviewer, I don't care if ...
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How much time should be spent on an assessment? Applied to entry level job that has 10 hour assessment

They expect you to study a specific library and produce 8-10 hours of work, and this even before interviewing you? Run, and don't look back. This is a company that A) is fishing for desperate ...
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How to overcome fear while digging in HUGE code?

This amount of LOC is common. I've seen much bigger (a big French bank: 173,000 COBOL programs in 2002, must be far more today, not counting new techs). Don't depress, it's part of your job to dig in, ...
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How to manage an "over worker"?

To add to motosubatsu's answer (whose main premise - it depends on "why" - I agree with) - it could also be a couple of other situations: The escapee They are, indeed, as the question mentions, ...
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Stressed at work with no obvious source

Periodically (about once a month), I become very stressed or anxious about something at work, and I can't decide what to do about it. I often imagine that "all my problems would go away if only ...
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